Canon BJC-2110 Ink Cartridges

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  • BJC-2110
Canon BJC-2110 Ink Cartridge

Canon BJC-2110 Printer Review

There are a number of things a personal printer could be used for at home, depending on how many people are living there and what ages they are. Of course for students it is crucial to have a reliable printer to print assignments, papers, book reports, internet information and any other school related project. This will be considerably easier than make them go to the school library for all printing needs. For adults, it is more casual, such as concert tickets or flight itineraries. For those basic tasks, the Canon BJC-2110 will be one of the more affordable options.

This inkjet unit use four colors of Canon BJC-2110 ink, so printing is not limited to standard text documents, rather vivid graphics and images can also be produced. Inkjet technology requires nozzles on the end of the print heads that squeeze tiny droplets of printer ink over every inch of paper. This ultimately creates the resolution which is measured in DPI, dots per inch. The Canon BJC-2110 ink can generate a maximum resolution of 720x360 dpi.

Cyan, magenta and yellow printer ink is all situated in a single Canon BJC-2110 ink cartridge that can yield as many as 160 prints before expiring. Many documents that are printing are black-and-white, though, which is why the black has its own Canon BJC-2110 ink cartridge which can produce up to 150 prints. Though the yields will not equate to a tremendously low cost per page like laser units can, the replacement printer ink is affordable.

Speeds are slow, maxing out at about 5 pages per minute, but the warm-up time is reasonable. The paper path is straight and up to 50 sheets can be held in the input and output tray at once. This 5 pound, white frame is compact, making the BJC-2110 perfect for small home offices.