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Canon B95 Ink, FAXPHONE B95 Ink Cartridges

Canon B95 Printer Review


The Canon FaxPhone B95 incorporates three different elements: a fax machine, phone and copier. The inkjet machine provides a number of features that help to combine the fax and phone functions so they work in tandem, including a digital telephone handset that is able to recognize a user's voice to dial the most commonly called numbers. An additional feature is its built-in answering machine that offers caller ID. For whenever users are too busy or not available for an incoming fax, the B95 includes a memory storage feature that can save up to 120 pages.

Despite being a monochrome printer ink device, the unit's copier has the ability to produce quality and detailed colorless duplicates. Using black Canon B95 ink, the copier can print duplicates at a rate of.6 pages per minute and a maximum resolution of 360x360 dpi. To accomplish this, the B95 uses up to 64 gray scale halftones and Ultra-High Quality image processing that can produce sharp and crisp lines using FaxPhone B95 ink. The copier also offers options for multiple duplicate printing that will allow users to produce a maximum of 99 copies from an original.

To boost productivity users have the option of purchasing high-capacity Canon B95 ink cartridges that can last as many as 2,000 prints before needing to be replaced. This, combined with its simple printer ink system of only one black FaxPhone B95 ink cartridge, make the B95 affordable compared to some other machines on the market.

Due to it's a modem speed of 14.4 Kbps, it is able to continuously print faxes at quick rates. With quick transmission speeds, technology that can enhance Canon B95 ink resolutions and a multifunction design, the B95 is the ideal personal inkjet fax machine.