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  • B540
Canon B540 Ink, FAXPHONE B540 Ink Cartridges

Canon B540 Printer Review


With technology such as printer ink save mode, the Canon FaxPhone B540 provides users with ways in which they can cut printing costs. This mode in particular can save users money by decreasing Canon B540 ink consumption so supplies last longer. To further help users looking to decrease spending, there are third party vendor sites that offer affordable FaxPhone B540 ink cartridge replacements.

No matter where users purchase their replacements, the Canon B540 ink cartridges have a high-capacity of up to 2,000 pages that will easily be able to support those in need of a device that can handle daily needs of an office. However, the B540 does lack one feature that many workplaces may be looking for: the ability to produce documents in colors in addition to standard black-and-white projects. Due to its single-color printer ink system that includes one black Canon B540 ink, this unit can only provide users with basic monochrome text documents.

The B540 includes a wide-range of fax features that will make sending and receiving documents simple, including the ability to save up to 20 number for one-touch speed dialing and 50 numbers for coded speed dialing. The inkjet unit is also capable of saving up to 15, letter-size pages to memory if users become backed up with other tasks. Additionally, the B540 has the ability to make copies, making this a dual purpose device.

Due to a size of only around 14x11x12 inches and its light weight of less than 15 pounds, the B540 will be able to work from any desktop and conserve space by combining two functions into one unit. Affordability is all a key, which is made possible by the high yield of the FaxPhone B540 ink. Any user in a workplace looking for a monochrome inkjet fax machine can benefit from the compact size and features of the B540.