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Compatible Canon Models:

  • B230
  • B230C
Canon B230 Ink, Fax B230 Ink Cartridges

Canon B230 Printer Review

When it comes to a machine that is intended to handle all of the typical tasks of an office yet only equipped to meet the needs of a single user, there is no better than the Canon Fax B230. Inkjet technology was not designed to handle heavy duty volumes like laser devices are, rather the precise, methodical print system is meant to create high-quality prints. Documents in black-and-white and full color will have accuracy and a crisp finish mainly because of the high-grade Canon B230 ink.

It is important when making duplicates to have the option of changing the brightness, size and placement on the paper. The LCD screen on the top panel allows users to adjust these things. From a single scan, as many as 99 copies can be produced at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi. Only 3 copies can be made per minute. A document can be scanned in less than 6 seconds, which is about the same rate faxes can be processed.

Because it is an inkjet printer, the small size of the Canon B230 ink cartridge will not be able to generate as many prints as larger toners. This machine combines the cyan, magenta and yellow printer ink into a single Fax B230 ink cartridge. Standing along is the black Canon B230 ink which will last for about 150 prints before replacements will be needed. OEM and compatible Fax B230 ink is available online, both with the same capacity but the compatible is much less expensive.

Weighing a little more than 11 pounds with a frame that measures about 14x13x8 inches, this inkjet device will fit comfortably on any desk or table top. There are built-in security features as well as USB and parallel connection option. There are few machines on the market that are a better value than the B230.