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Compatible Canon Models:

  • B180
  • B180C
Canon B180 Ink, Fax B180 Ink Cartridges

Canon B180 Printer Review

Clearly marketed as a fax machine, the Canon Fax B180 has more than what meets the eye. This unit operates with drop-on-demand inkjet technology that can create a professional quality in black-and-white or full color. It takes about 6 seconds to fully process an incoming fax and outgoing faxes are sent with crisp text, but faxing is only one of the many functions the B180 has. Printing, copying and scanning needs can all be handled in this compact machine.

There is a 20-sheet automatic document feeder that is to be used for continuously feeding documents through to be scanned. Scanning time can vary depending on the complexity of the document, but the 64-bit gray scale promises accurate internal duplication. Up to 99 copies can be made from one original and users have the opportunity to change the size of the image. The highest output rate when printing is 5 pages per minute and the Canon B180 ink can produce a resolution of 720x360 dpi.

Unfortunately, the yield of the Canon B180 ink cartridges is rather low, so the cost per page will not be as low as when using a laser device. Cyan, magenta and yellow printer ink share one of the two Fax B180 ink cartridges while the other holds only black. The black Canon B180 ink will last for up to 150 prints and the tricolor can produce about 160 before expiring. Replacement Fax B180 ink is available from numerous online vendors that are certified to resell OEM brands. Additionally, some third party vendors offer compatible Canon B180 ink, which is more affordable.

There is an LCD on the top panel for simple navigation and security options for sending delicate documents. The B180 has everything there is to offer to a small office in need of an all-in-one inkjet machine.