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Canon B120 Ink, Fax B120 Ink Cartridges

Canon B120 Printer Review


The Canon Fax B120 is, first and foremost, a fax machine that integrates a number of other functions such as a printer, copier and scanner. The printer and copier use the unit's Bubble Jet print system to produce crisp text projects with precision and a maximum resolution of 360x360 dpi using black Canon 120 ink. With the inclusion of an LCD panel, functions will be easier to navigate and it offers management options and status reports on supplies like Fax B120 ink. For instance, users can use the panel to control the amount of duplicates they want produced from a single scan, the maximum being 99.

With a single-color printer ink system, the use of only one black Canon B120 ink cartridge has both its advantages and disadvantages. While this print system is cost efficient because users won't be spending money on more than one replacement at a time, it will be limiting to users that have occasional graphics or color images to print. However, its black Fax B120 ink cartridge does deliver a large page count of approximately 2,000 that will satisfy high volume users. As a result, those that only need to produce monochrome documents will be happy with the productivity boosting Canon B120 ink yields.

The fax machine has modem speed of 14.4 Kbps, the ability to store up to 50 pages to memory and a useful error correction mode if a job is interrupted. It also incorporates a number of features that can be controlled by the LCD panel, including 9 one-touch dial locations and 50 coded dials.

With its all-in-one capabilities and a useful built-in LCD panel to help manage every function, the Canon Fax B120 is an inkjet machine that will be easy-to-use.