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Canon B115 Printer Review


The Canon Fax B115 is an inkjet fax machine that has an automatic answering system that will allow it to receive faxes even if users aren't at their desk or occupied with another project. In addition, the unit incorporates progress reports for every document, which will benefit users in the workplace because it will allow them to keep track of every fax, making organization simple.

Other than faxing capabilities, the B115 also includes print, scan and copy functions that make it an all-in-one device. It is limited to creating only monochrome projects like text documents because the unit only uses black Canon B115 ink. Using its black Fax B115 ink, the printer and copier functions can create projects with a maximum resolution of 360x360 dpi. To help users navigate the B115's multifunction capabilities and to make multitasking-like printing and faxing at the same time-easier, the device incorporates a 16-character display monitor.

While only operating with black Canon B115 ink that will keep users from printing full-color documents, the manufacturer boasts the use of high-capacity printer ink that will support monochrome printing in an office. With a yield of up to 2,000 prints, the black Canon B115 ink cartridge is capable of supporting users looking to print on a daily basis. Once the Fax B115 ink cartridge expires, users can order a replacement printer ink online from a third party sites.

Any consumer that doesn't require an inkjet printer with the capacity to print with a full spectrum of color will be satisfied with the B115 fax machine's multifunction design. It is compact enough to fit in limited spaces, it offers multiple features and functions to increase productivity while maintaining affordability, and it is designed to ensure years of frequent use with minimal hindrances.