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Canon B100 Printer Review


Communication options have changed over the years, not just for personal devices, but also in workplaces. The way important documents are sent to customers and business associates has been digitized and has become as simple as scanning something into a file and attaching it in an email. Faxing is an outdated form of communication, though at one time it was the most innovative piece of office equipment on the market. For those businesses that still prefer the faxing method, the Canon Fax B100 is as good as anything else on the market.

Actually, the B100 is one of the few inkjet machines that only produce black-and-white documents. Only a single Canon B100 ink cartridge is used whereas most inkjet devices have at least two. This Fax B100 ink cartridge can yield up to 2,000 prints before expiring, which is more comparable to laser toner printers. The high yield of the Canon B100 ink is unusual with this printing method, but nonetheless keeps the cost per page low. Replacement Canon B100 ink can be purchased from certified vendors online as Canon no longer sells it.

Because it is an older unit, the B100 can only produce about a page every minute and operates with a transmission rate of 14.4 Kbps. It does have the ability to make copies and print documents on an occasional basis, but primarily this is simply a fax machine. The best quality that is to be expected using the Fax B100 ink is 360x360 dpi, which will be clear but may lack the crisp lines typically required in a professional environment.

Connected via parallel port only, a universal adapter will need to be purchased to connect through a USB port. The B100 is Energy Star qualified and offers a straight paper path, which will ultimately minimize the number of paper jams.