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We realize you're here to find Brother toner cartridges, and indeed, we hope you use the search tool above to find the toner cartridge for your specific Brother printer. Toner isn't all we offer, however, and we'd like to take this little bit of space to tell you a bit about the Brother company itself, and also about us as a business.

The Brother Corporation was started more than 100 years ago, in 1908. But laser printers and such were far from their offerings. In fact, would it surprise you that Brother actually started as a sewing company in Nagayo Japan? The original company name was Yasui Sewing Machine Co. Then in 1925, the company was renamed Yasui Brothers' Sewing Machine Co (and you can see how "Brother" eventually evolved from that). Then in 1954, Brother International Corporation was formed, and a US office was opened. And the company just grew from there.

In 1971, Brother produced the world's first high-speed dot matrix printer (don't worry; we're getting to laser printers and toner cartridges soon!) But it was 1971, Bill Gates was still in school, Nixon was president, and those primitive printers ruled the day. It would be more than another decade before Brother entered the laser printer market.

Brother's first laser printer was the HL-8, and was introduced in 1987, retailing for about three thousand dollars. Now with this market open to Brother, laser toner became something the company needed to invest in as well, which they did with a flourish. Brother toner cartridges are available for all of their laser printers.

Which brings us to Ink Technologies ... We pride ourselves at being a one-stop shop for all of your printing needs, regardless of which Brother toner cartridge you are looking for. We carry both OEM brand name toner, and recycled / compatible toner as well (which is deeply discounted, and guaranteed to work with your Brother model.) We've also developed a robust search tool, specific to brands (meaning Brother printer toner can be searched for specifically.) This saves you time, and also eliminates mistakes. In addition, we have fast shipping, and the best prices on the market.

Again, we hope you use the above search tools to find the precise Brother toner cartridge you require. And as always, we thank you for shopping with Ink Technologies.