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Compatible Brother Models:

  • 8070
  • 8070P
Brother 8070P Toner Cartridges

Brother 8070P Printer Review

The Brother 8070P is compact enough to act as a dedicated laser fax machine and copier in tight spaces. It uses affordable Brother 8070P printer toner to keep operating costs down, and has a number of convenient features to make faxing easier. Lack of a flatbed scanner could be a downside for some buyers.

With so many all-in-one devices on the market with more functions, the 8070P has some stiff competition, but it is most appealing due to its simple operation. One of its main drawbacks is a slow 14.4 Kbps transmission speed, but other time-saving features could help make up for it.

The unit has a dual-access feature, for example, that can scan a page into memory while another is being sent or received. Users can also send the same fax to as many as 158 locations. The automatic document feeder can hold only 20 sheets, but this is a decent size for the average personal user. Security features allow the machine to be locked, requiring a PIN for access and preventing unauthorized use.

The copy function is pretty limited, and will work best for only occasional use. Users can make up to 99 copies from an original, and reduction and enlargement from 50 to 200% is supported.

Despite its flaws, the affordability of replacement toners is very appealing. Brother 8070P toner cartridges can provide up to 2,200 pages, making the device one of the most affordable faxing methods on the market for personal use. Compatible Brother 8070P toner cartridges can be found for even lower prices than OEM supplies.

Compared to more capable all-in-one devices, the 8070P will probably appeal to a very select number of buyers. Still, the low cost per page of Brother 8070P toner and its compact size make it worth a look as a simple, dedicated faxing solution.