Xerox Specialty Paper

Xerox has been a powerhouse in the printing industry for many years.  It was among the innovative corporations who have advanced printing technology to what it is today.  Unlike other major players, such as HP and Canon, Xerox has kept its focus primarily on office printers.  Many workgroups across the world benefit from the efficiency and consistency of Xerox printers, but one of the ways that the company continues to innovate is their variety of specialty paper types.

Xerox PaperOf course, standard paper types like glossy or matte paper can be purchased off-brand and serve the same purpose.  But specialty media from Xerox is designed specifically for certain consumers and there are few options on the market that are even comparable.  These are four of the most interesting types of specialty Xerox paper:

Multi-Purpose Paper

This paper is unique because it is not exclusively designed for inkjet printers or laser printers or all-in-one printers.  Rather, this paper is universal.  If your office has an inkjet printer, a laser copier, and a basic fax machine, for example, the Xerox Multi-Purpose paper will be compatible with all of these.  This eliminates the need to purchase various types of paper to print standard text documents.  Multi-Purpose paper is made without acid, so it is more resistant to yellowing years down the road.

Durable Pressure-Sensitive Labels

These labels are customizable and vary in size based on your needs, but what sets them apart from other labels is the durability.  Xerox carefully designed this type of label to be able to endure heavy use without fading or tearing.  More specifically, pressure-sensitive labels will be resistant to all levels of weather, water, chemicals, and they are even washable.  An ideal way to use these labels is to make bumper sticks, window signs or even wine bottle labels.

Carbonless Paper

The primary purpose of Xerox Carbonless paper is to be used for multi-part documents.  For instance, a 3-part order form that has a white, yellow and pink copy – this paper allows you to write on the top sheet and get a clear image of the writing on the other sheets.  The first and second sheet have a special coating on the back that contains image-forming dye while the second and third sheet have special coating on the front that allows images to be transferred when pressure it applied. The newer carbonless paper is less messy than older carbon paper, and provides a clearer image on the lower pages.

This video gives a more detailed look at Xerox Carbonless paper:

Polyester Paper

This specialty media type is made from polyester film that is known for being extremely tough.  Xerox describes polyester paper as “tough as nails”.  Both sides of this paper have matte coats for extra protection, making it durable even when exposed to the elements.  It is similar to the labels in strength and durability, but does not include adhesive on the back.  Polyester paper can be used for things such as menus, catalogs and tags for suitcases or even garden plants.

Naturally, specialty media is going to cost more than standard paper, but Xerox has made all of these options affordable, and considering the strong construction and unique purposes each can serve, it seems like a good value.  Keep in mind, Xerox specialty paper types are not limited to use in Xerox printers either, so just about any user can benefit from them.

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