Xerox Inventors Crank Out the Patents

Xerox logoAnd when we say “crank out” we mean, collectively between the 12 geniuses heralded in the Equities release, 1,550 patents. Yes. One thousand, five hundred and fifty patents from 12 guys or an average of 130 each. Have you produced 1,550 of anything?

But the cool thing is that a bunch of these patents involve ink in some ingenious way! And here we thought that everything that could be invented regarding ink has already been invented.

That’s why they’re inventors for Xerox.

These new contrivances include:

  • “a user adaptable ink status conveyance system”
  • “solid ink delivery”
  • “ink delivery system modeling”
  • “ink melt performance optimization”
  • “a radiation-curable gel ink composition with reduced liquid separation”
  • “UV curable gel ink”


Uh…ok. We totally know what each of those things are.


“We are innovating every day to create new services and technology for our customers,” said Sophie Vandebroek , Xerox chief technology officer and president of the Xerox Innovation Group . “Thinking outside the box and exploring the unknown are catalysts that drive innovation and motivate us to continually create new ways to help our customers succeed.”

We’re guessing that developing “a radiation-curable gel ink composition with reduced liquid separation” isn’t a pure stroke of genius; it’s a laborious, difficult process from conception to development to execution and ultimately, production. Thomas Edison’s famous mantra that “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration” is alive and well in Xerox’s invention lab.

Can’t help but admire these guys. Here at Ink Technologies we do our very best to make our customer’s experience the most rewarding it can be, and we’ve got more in the pipeline. While it may not be a “UV curable gel ink“, we hope our customer service innovations make the ink-buying part of your life painless, less expensive and maybe, a little bit enjoyable.


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