Welcome to the World of Electronic Ink!

"the" in electronic ink. via tumblr.

“the” in electronic ink. via tumblr.

Or, if you’re already there, good to see you!

We’re kinda new to the E-Ink revolution, but not a minute too soon. For the even less acclimated, here’s your primer, courtesy of How Stuff Works:

To help people understand how E Ink’s technology works, the company compares the millions of microcapsules inside the ink to clear beach balls. Each of these beach balls is filled with hundreds of tiny, white ping-pong balls. And instead of air, the beach ball is filled with a blue dye. If you looked at the top of this beach ball, you would see the ping-pong balls floating in the liquid, and the beach ball would appear white. But if you looked at the bottom of the ball, it would appear blue.

Here you can see how E Ink’s pigment chips would react to positive and negative charges.

Now, if you were to take thousands of these beach balls and lay them out on a field, and make the ping-pong balls move between the top and bottom of the beach balls, you could make the field change color. That’s the principle behind E Ink’s product.

See that? Ping pong balls inside beach balls, it’s that simple! For more on this “straightforward fusion of chemistry, physics and electronics”, check out E-Ink’s site directly.

We’re trying to get caught up on electronic ink as quickly as possible, because the future of the technology is filled with electronic ink mobile phones, keyboards, watches and, like always, things we can’t even dream of at the moment. We’ll start getting into all of it right here.

But just in case you might be questioning its relevancy, we invite you to check out an article written today, 2.20.13, by Dr. Guillaume Chansin, a technology analyst with IDTechEx, explaining exactly why that is a far cry from fact.

Stay tuned!

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