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It wasn’t that long ago that most users would turn to Photoshop on a desktop computer for even the most minor tweaks. Today, most of us carry a fantastic photo editing tool right in our pocket. Whether you prefer the Android or iOS platforms, or you like to edit on a smartphone or a tablet, these Top 5 mobile photo apps can help you enhance your photos, add some humor, and yes, you can even put your head on a dog’s body, if that’s what you’re looking for. We won’t judge.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express (Free)

With the Photoshop name, one might expect this app to support most of the features of its larger brother, or to be the most robust of the lineup. Instead, Photoshop Express streamlines the editing process with the tools mobile users are most likely to actually use. You won’t find a lot of the filters and effects available in other apps, as Photoshop Express focuses on improving and enhancing photos rather than making them look like they were taken with a vintage camera. The interface isn’t as intuitive or groundbreaking as other apps in this lineup, but Photoshop users will find some of it quite familiar.



Aviary AppAviary Photo Editor (now defunct)

The Aviary Photo Editor has a robust set of tools that can enhance photos in a number of fun and interesting ways. Filters and effects can be applied with the tap of a button, emulating everything from vintage cameras to lens flares, but most tools are simply turned on and off. Don’t expect as much fine-grain control as other apps provide, but its quick and intuitive interface makes it a lot of fun to poke around and experiment, and it is well-suited to those who want quick results without a lot of work.




iPhoto for iOS ($4.99)

Mobile Photo Editors

The iPhoto app is one of the simplest to use in our lineup, but it is iOS-only, and it’s not a free app, priced at $4.99. The integration with iCloud and the desktop iPhoto app are big advantages, though, and the colorful interface mimics real-world tools like brushes to add some familiarity and comfort. The multi-touch support is a nice touch (pun intended) and gives users more control even on a small screen. The app can also do much of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to enhance a blue sky without affecting the rest of the image, for example. With its AirPrint integration, it is also easy to send photos to an inkjet or laser printer.



SnapseedSnapseed Mobile (Free)

With so many apps using the same paradigm of tapping options on and off, the Snapseed Mobile app takes a slightly different approach. Once a tool is selected, you simply swipe left and right to adjust the amount of effect applied, or swipe up and down to change tools. This makes it potentially the fastest app in the lineup once you get used to the available tools, and with many levels of control, you can usually get the exact result you want. Since the app was recently bought by Google, users will find it easy to integrate with Google+ and the entire ecosystem.



PicSay ProPicSay Pro ($3.99)

On the goofy and fun side of photo editing sits PicSay Pro. Though it has some basic photo enhancement features, the main crux of this app is centered around adding speech bubbles, cartoon glasses, and other elements for a little extra humor. Want to put one person’s head on another person’s body? PicSay Pro can do that too! The downside is that the app is available for Android users only, but with at least one iOS-only app in the lineup, we can stand to show the Android community some love!



Each of these apps have their own strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that most of them are free, so you can try them out with no risk. When you find that you’ve outgrown the available features, you may want to give the paid apps a try and see if they meet your needs. If you’re looking for a way to print your photos from your mobile device, be sure to check out our article on Mobile Printing.

Do you have a favorite photo app that we missed? Let us know below in the comments.

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