The History of Ink [Infographic]

Ink has been used for centuries to create art, define law, document history and customize homes.  From the early days of making ink from ground plants and minerals to the first fountain ink pen all the way to inkjet printers, ink has developed into something we use every day.  The use of printer ink, especially, is present everywhere- the pictures hanging on the walls, the books collected on the shelves, the labels on medicine bottles and produce.

At Ink Technologies, we work exclusively with printer ink manufacturers that believe in the same high quality standard as we do.  We take pride in our compatible and remanufactured ink products and strive to provide only the best.  We also know how important it is to understand the history of ink and to prepare for the future of ink.

History of Ink Infographic

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History of Ink Infographic


Robyn Warner
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