Technology News Round-Up: Unused Apps, iPhone Rumors, Font Identifying

It’s been a busy summer for the tech industry so far. While you might be soaking up the sun, catching up on the latest season of Game of Thrones, or finally reading that novel you’ve been putting off, we’ve been keeping an eye on several trends that will could help you day-to-day. This month, we take a look at unused apps, the latest in iPhone news about the next version, and how to identify fonts by hovering your mouse. Read more after the cut.

The Graveyard of Apps

The Graveyard of Apps

The Graveyard of Un-Used Apps

The iTunes App Store now offers 1.2 million apps, but new studies show 80% of apps are not being used. Why are app developers losing out on their investment? The biggest reason – people don’t even know their apps exist, even when they could make our lives easier. Check out the Mashable Minute video to learn more about zombie apps. What are the five apps you can’t live without?

Apple iPhone Rumors Fly

It could be an extremely busy fall for Apple Stores. The new iPhone 6, which was set to ship in September, has been bumped back to October. A few other ‘unnamed products’ are set to ship this October as well, but Apple is not setting any of these rumors straight. CEO Tim Cook has promised a busy fall, and is not concerned that the later iPhone ship date will mean a loss of customers. When Android devices don’t keep up, customers readily switch to another manufacturer, but Apple users are more likely to wait it out. Apple has yet to give a date for when iPhone 6 will ship, but regardless, they are expecting a very successful quarter. Read more rumors. Apple users, how long would you wait for new product updates before you consider changing operating systems?


Text is Everywhere

From the HTML behind this site’s design, to the very words you are reading on this page, text is everywhere. Ever wish you could identify the fonts, notice the nuances, or compare the curves? Now there is an app to make that easier. FontFace Ninja allows you to mouse over any text online and see what font it is. You can even use this app to hide everything else on the page except for the text. Designers may benefit the most from this tool, but it is rather intriguing for the rest of us, too. The only exception is logos – FontFace Ninja is not able to identify fonts used there, but other tools like WhatTheFont will help with that. Read more about FontFace Ninja. How will you use font identification?

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