Technology News Round-Up – PCs, Printers, and Lexmark Legal Battle

Laptop Keyboard

What’s going on in the world of your mobile devices? Will printing from your smartphone or tablet become easier even when away from home or office? Here are a few articles on the future of technology, from desktop computers to hand held devices and legal battles that keep printer companies honest.

Desktops Getting Dusty

As sales for smartphones and tablets rise, traditional PCs are taking a hit. Companies like HP and Dell have to move forward with mobile technology. Does your PC do more for you than collect dust? Read more about it here.

A Better Way to Print

Printing documents can be a juggling act. The documents get bounced from mobile devices to clouds and then possibly the desktop computer and office printer. That’s all changing. Wi-Fi Direct printers are working to streamline the process of printing from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

You can read more here.

Printers and Legality

In this day in age, everything seems to be copyrighted, down to the seeds we plant in the ground. Printer ink cartridges are not exempt. In this ever precarious legal landscape even something as innocuous as refilling ink cartridges can lead to a decade long legal battle. Courts ruled recently against Lexmark’s complete control on refilling ink cartridges from their printers. Find out what the verdict means for you here.

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