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Maintaining a Solid Ink Printer

Posted Monday, September 13th, 2010 by .

Solid ink technology is still relatively new to the printing industry, but is growing in popularity because these printers allow you to reduce waste and produce flawless color on standard paper.  Xerox is currently the only manufacturer that produces this type of device, and they are not cheap.  In the interest of getting the most life out of your solid ink printer, here are some maintenance tips.

Xerox Solid Ink Printer ReadyAllow for Warm-Up Time

The Xerox solid ink used by these printers is melted to a liquid form to be applied to the page.  This process may require an elongated warm-up time, especially when the machine has been sitting idle for a while.  Your manual should have an estimated warm-up time for your device and the LED indicators or the control panel will tell you when the printer is ready. Continue reading “Maintaining a Solid Ink Printer” »

How to Install Solid Ink

Posted Monday, July 12th, 2010 by .

solid ink installationInstalling Xerox solid ink is a simple, straight-forward process that Xerox has made virtually error-proof.  You would have to try hard to install solid ink sticks incorrectly, as it would often involve forcing them into place.

First, a quick synopsis of solid ink:  Unlike with inkjet and laser printers, there are no cartridges involved in the printing process using solid ink.  Rather, the ink is hardened and sculpted into a very specific shape during manufacturing.  When printing, these ink sticks are melted into a liquid and applied to the paper, where they dry with true color and smooth texture.  When the block of ink  is completely consumed, there is no cartridge or other waste left behind. Continue reading “How to Install Solid Ink” »

Warranty Information for OEM Printer Cartridges

Posted Monday, May 17th, 2010 by .

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) printer cartridges are products that are manufactured directly by a brand name company, like HP or Canon, and have the manufacturer brand name directly on the product packaging.    If you purchase your printer cartridge from a retail web site, OEM or brand name cartridges are typically sold side-by-side with non-brand cartridges, typically called “compatible” or “remanufactured” cartridges, which are typically much less expensive than their brand name counterparts. Continue reading “Warranty Information for OEM Printer Cartridges” »

Reduce Waste with Solid Ink Printers

Posted Friday, March 26th, 2010 by .

In the late 1980’s, the brilliant minds behind Xerox office equipment began developing a color printing technology that would be very simple for users and produce high-quality colors on standard paper without the need for a cartridge.  The end result was a solid ink printer, which is still a technology unique to Xerox.  What started as an attempt to simplify color printing has become a way for offices and homes to also reduce waste.

Laser and inkjet printers are the most commonly used machines in the world, generally because they are the most affordable upfront and replacement cartridges are inexpensive.  Any company or individual that is concerned about the environment, however, should look into using a solid ink printer, to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Solid Ink vs Cartridge WasteHow is Xerox Solid Ink Made?

Non-toxic liquid ink is hardened in a very specific shape, making a wax stick, similar to a crayon but far more complex in molecular nature.  Each color for each model is shaped differently, thus making it difficult to install a solid ink stick into the wrong slot on a printer. When the printer is in use, the solid ink is actually melted back down to its liquid form and applied to the paper, where it once again hardens, but this time to make words and images on the page. Continue reading “Reduce Waste with Solid Ink Printers” »

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