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How To Install Ink Cartridges

Installing CartridgesYou’ve ordered new ink cartridges for your printer, brought them home, taken them out of the box, and now…how in the world do you install them? The tricky thing about replacing ink cartridges is that the process is a little different for each model, and from one manufacturer to the next. We will give you some general guidelines to get you started, and some links for more specific information for your printer. Continue reading “How To Install Ink Cartridges” »

Xerox Inventors Crank Out the Patents

Xerox logoAnd when we say “crank out” we mean, collectively between the 12 geniuses heralded in the Equities release, 1,550 patents. Yes. One thousand, five hundred and fifty patents from 12 guys or an average of 130 each. Have you produced 1,550 of anything?

But the cool thing is that a bunch of these patents involve ink in some ingenious way! And here we thought that everything that could be invented regarding ink has already been invented.

That’s why they’re inventors for Xerox.

Continue reading “Xerox Inventors Crank Out the Patents” »

The Drawbacks of Solid Ink Printers

Solid inkSolid ink printers are a relatively new technology in the printing world, and they have many advantages. They are more environmentally-friendly, with less packaging waste and no cartridge that must be thrown away, unlike inkjet and laser printers. They also provide excellent color accuracy, and are more versatile when it comes to media types.

This is not to say that solid ink technology doesn’t have its drawbacks and disadvantages, however, and these should be carefully noted by anyone debating whether or not to purchase a solid ink printer. Let us look at a few of the major drawbacks of solid ink technology. Continue reading “The Drawbacks of Solid Ink Printers” »

The Truth Behind Solid Ink

ink sticksSolid ink printers from Xerox are beginning to appear in more and more office environments, as buyers start to see the benefits of this new technology. This method of printing has been shown to deliver quality that rivals laser and inkjet technologies.  It has also been rated one of the more environmentally friendly methods of printing, as it uses no cartridge, and over 300,000 cartridges occupy landfills around the United States.

Despite the advantages, many buyers have some false impressions about solid ink printing, and this is often caused by misinformation and even myths about this technology. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding solid ink printing. Continue reading “The Truth Behind Solid Ink” »

Universal Printer Drivers

A printer driver is a piece of software installed on a computer that helps the computer and printer communicate with each other properly. Most printers include a driver on a CD in the box, or the driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. There is another option available called Universal Printer Drivers (UPD) that can often support multiple machines with basic functionality, but they come with a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Universal Printer DriverWhen you install a printer driver that was designed for your specific device, you can be sure the driver and its software will support all of the features and functions of your printer. For example, if your printer supports multiple quality settings, the driver and software will provide options for easily changing these. With a Universal printer driver, you may only be able to print, without access to some of the more advanced settings and functions that your printer is capable of. Functions like scanning and copying that are included in some all-in-one machines may not be available at all, or could be limited in their functionality. Continue reading “Universal Printer Drivers” »

Xerox Phaser 750 Series Indicator Lights

Xerox Phaser 750Despite the fact that Xerox Phaser 750 series printers have a small LCD screen, there are also a few indicator lights on the front panel that can provide a quick indication of errors even from across the room. Since there are a few different indications relayed by the lights, it is worth understanding what each state means. Listed below are the different indicators your Phaser will give off, what they mean and how to clear them. Continue reading “Xerox Phaser 750 Series Indicator Lights” »

Xerox Specialty Paper

Xerox has been a powerhouse in the printing industry for many years.  It was among the innovative corporations who have advanced printing technology to what it is today.  Unlike other major players, such as HP and Canon, Xerox has kept its focus primarily on office printers.  Many workgroups across the world benefit from the efficiency and consistency of Xerox printers, but one of the ways that the company continues to innovate is their variety of specialty paper types.

Xerox PaperOf course, standard paper types like glossy or matte paper can be purchased off-brand and serve the same purpose.  But specialty media from Xerox is designed specifically for certain consumers and there are few options on the market that are even comparable.  These are four of the most interesting types of specialty Xerox paper: Continue reading “Xerox Specialty Paper” »

Moving Solid Ink Printers

Solid ink printers are known for the impeccable color quality they can create on regular paper and their environmental benefits.  Ink sticks do not require cartridges, eliminating the use of plastic and oil, and use less packaging, reducing the overall waste created.  The technology is innovative and the perks are undeniable, but they sometimes require special care.  In fact, something as simple as moving a solid ink printer before it has cooled down could damage it beyond repair.

Solid Ink SticksThere are a few drawbacks of solid ink printers, but the primary focus of this article is the potential danger of moving these devices when hot.  You see, the way this technology works is that solid ink sticks are installed into the printer, and when a task is sent to be printed, the machine heats up and melts the stick into a liquid ink.  The liquid ink is distributed through nozzles, much like inkjet technology, and the ink immediately hardens on the paper. Continue reading “Moving Solid Ink Printers” »

Top 4 Xerox Printer Problems

Xerox Printer LogoXerox, like any other manufacturer, cannot ensure that all machines are going to last a certain time, perform at a guaranteed speed, or promise zero mechanical issues.  The bottom line is these machines are made up of hundreds of components, many of them moving.  Parts get dirty and worn down, or become misaligned, causing a number of problems.  Many issues will require a repair by a professional, but not all.  Here is a list of the most common problems and/or questions as well as potential do-it-yourself troubleshooting techniques. Continue reading “Top 4 Xerox Printer Problems” »

Lost Your Printer Manual?

Lose Something?Whether it is thrown away with the packing material or lost in translation along the way, so often the essential user’s manual for your printer is nowhere to be found.   It can be extremely frustrating not to have your printer’s manual when you need it, but don’t worry, you are not out of options. Continue reading “Lost Your Printer Manual?” »