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Samsung Creates Foldable Printers and NFC Laser Models

Have you ever wished you could fold up your printer and take it with you? Well, Samsung has created a few concept printers that come pretty close to this goal, and they are quite impressive! The three printers were created for the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards, with a focus on eco-friendliness, simplicity, and customization. While they may not be headed to store shelves just yet, they breathe new life into printer design concepts, which have been fairly stagnant for years. They’ve also been busy creating the first NFC-equipped laser printers to hit the market. Continue reading “Samsung Creates Foldable Printers and NFC Laser Models” »

New Samsung Models Can Save a Lot of Toner

Samsung Eco ModelsTwo new models from Samsung, the compact SL-M2625D and the multifunction SL-M2875FW, are not only very affordable to purchase, but they both come with multiple ways to save buyers money on laser toner supplies. This makes them an ideal choice for buyers looking to trim down their monthly supply costs without sacrificing too much in print quality.

Continue reading “New Samsung Models Can Save a Lot of Toner” »

Samsung CLP-510 Transfer Belt

There are so many components inside a laser printer, it is difficult to understand what each part is and the purpose it serves. The transfer belt, for instance, happens to be one of those key ingredients to a printer that is often forgotten or never known about to begin with. However, if you don’t replace the transfer belt on your Samsung CLP-510 at the appropriate time, it can cause big problems with your printer and the quality of documents produced.CLP-510 transfer belt

What exactly is a Samsung CLP-510 transfer belt and what does it do? The transfer belt is a large rotating belt inside your printer that helps ensure accuracy of prints. The belt moves in front of all the toner cartridges inside the CLP-510 and helps each of the layers of toner to be applied to the page in a precise manner. The different colors of toner are applied to the belt first, then applied to the page all at once. Continue reading “Samsung CLP-510 Transfer Belt” »

5 Common Samsung Printer Problems

Samsung has gained respect for making a number of top-of-the-line electronics, ranging from televisions and cell phones to office equipment.  Samsung printers are widely known for being affordable and reliable, however, as with any device that is made up of multiple small components working in unison, issues may arise. Continue reading “5 Common Samsung Printer Problems” »