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What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon

The ability to print in 3D is constantly growing to include new materials and unbelievable feats. Here are a few new horizons that are opening up in 3D printing. Continue reading “What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon” »

3D Printed Prosthetics Provide New Hope for the Disabled

The process of fitting and purchasing an artificial limb can be expensive and extremely time-consuming, and many in third-world countries can’t afford them at all. There is new hope, however, as 3D printer owners are now printing their own prosthetic limbs, hands, and more; saving themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars and providing customization that might be difficult to achieve otherwise. Best of all, as they collaborate and share their knowledge and designs, the idea of simple, affordable prosthetics moves closer to reality. Continue reading “3D Printed Prosthetics Provide New Hope for the Disabled” »