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3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project

Digital GrotesqueNew 3D printing projects are cropping up online every day, from printing 3D cars to 3D printing prosthetics. So far, though, this is the first attempt at 3D printing an entire room, and the results are amazing! The project, titled “Digital Grotesque“, was designed to be a 172 square foot room that can surround viewers in its detail, and it was all created through 3D printing. Continue reading “3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project” »

Create a Custom Photo Calendar

Custom CalendarThe holidays are approaching faster than you think, and unless you want to get stuck giving yet ANOTHER necktie, consider creating a custom photo calendar. Sure, puppy calendars are cute, but they lack that personal touch that can make a gift truly memorable. Imagine dressing up the calendar with your favorite family photos, or even adding images of each family member to mark their birthdays, anniversaries, and more! We’ll show you several options to get you started. Continue reading “Create a Custom Photo Calendar” »

Printing Money: Where Does U.S. Currency Come From?

Stack of MoneyHave you seen the headlines that print is dead? What about the print media we carry around in our wallets and purses in the form of paper bills? Have you ever wondered who prints our U.S. currency? If it’s true that “lack of money is the root of all evil” then it’s even more important that someone keeps printing it! Read on as we explore who prints our money, and what a daunting task it really is.

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5 Ways to Save Time in Photoshop

Photoshop Time

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible application that has branched out from its initial photo-editing beginnings to be a full-fledged design tool for many users. Still, it can be a big challenge for new users to create great designs quickly, and you may often find yourself doing repetitive tasks over and over. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save yourself a bit of time and create better photos and designs at the same time? These 5 tips can help.

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Major 3D Printing Patents Are Soon to Expire


Ask the average technology enthusiast (and maybe even the average Joe) what technologies they are most excited about, and chances are you will hear “3D printing” from more than a few. We’ve covered the Possibilities of a 3D Printer before, and it’s no secret that this technology could revolutionize more than a few industries, so what is holding it back from more mainstream adoption? The first obstacle is price, but the second, as it turns out, is patents.

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Print Your Own Books at a Kiosk

As more and more readers make the switch to eBooks and other digital formats, there are still many who prefer physical books. The problem, of course, is that you either have to order online and wait for shipping, or choose from what is available at your local bookstore. You could try to print a book at home, but you would burn through a lot of ink cartridges in the process, and the result likely would not resemble a real book. But what if you could simply choose from a large library of books and print yourself a physical copy on demand? Well, a number of companies have already started to make professional-quality on-demand books a reality.

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Turn Your Photos into Paintings

Cat Painting

Photos of your family, friends, and even your pets are like treasured memories, and it’s no surprise we like to surround ourselves with reminders of those who are important to us. If you have a prized photo that you really want to highlight, you may want to consider turning it into a painting. There are several tools available that can apply effects to make any photo look like an oil painting, watercolor painting, and more. Here, we will highlight a few of these tools, from web-based solutions to mobile and computer apps.

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Fun Lesson Plans: Teach Children About Art & Printing With Glowing Ink

Teachers and parents can turn this fun project into an educational activity.

Glow SticksNow that we have officially entered the summer season and many kids are out of school on vacation, parents and teachers all across the country are looking for fun ways that they can keep kids active with stimulating activities, while also keeping them entertained during the long summer afternoons.

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A Valentine’s Day to Remember: Framed Photos

Valentine Frame


We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief at today’s Valentine’s Day DIY suggestion, as we’ve dispensed with the need for scissors and cutting. As you’ll note from our previous two entries, scissors and relative precision cutting were required to recreate the paper flowers and heart garland. Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day to Remember: Framed Photos” »

A Valentine’s Day to Remember: A Decorated Abode

Chocolates are always good. Roses will never fail. But the simple fact is that chocolate and roses are, let’s face it, predictable and almost cliche’ at this point. We’re here to help you make a real impression this Valentine’s Day, to make it truly one to remember.

All you need for this project is a printer, inkjet cartridges, patterned card stock and some lace to tie it all together. The procedure, outlined by the terrific people at Better Homes & Gardens, is painless (even more so than yesterday’s idea). Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day to Remember: A Decorated Abode” »