Printable Cold-Weather Craft & Game Diversions

This is the time of year when an unexpected snow day can quickly interrupt the regularly-scheduled programming of your week and leave you with the sudden opportunity to have some fun. Whether you’re a child relishing a surprise day home from school or an adult thrilled to delay that important presentation at work just one more day, a city-wide snow delay can present a buffet of unanticipated distractions. Do you: (A) spend all day marathon binge-watching past seasons of BBC’s “Sherlock,” (B) read the latest rousing installment of Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” trilogy, or (C) attempt to inject some craftiness into your otherwise impromptu free day? Why not give these easy printable options a try!

For the Kiddos                   

Go the classic route and help the kids print some custom memory cards to hone their powers of recall. And if you think they’d appreciate something with a little more pizzazz, show them how to put together these whimsical bird and snake finger puppets. This funky body flipbook or these amusing animal and superhero masks could also prove just the creative tickets to quickly pass the afternoon away.

Printable Snake Finger Puppets
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