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Technology News Round-Up – PCs, Printers, and Lexmark Legal Battle

Laptop Keyboard

What’s going on in the world of your mobile devices? Will printing from your smartphone or tablet become easier even when away from home or office? Here are a few articles on the future of technology, from desktop computers to hand held devices and legal battles that keep printer companies honest.

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Dell is No Longer Making Inkjet Printers

Dell Not Available


If you’ve shopped around Dell’s website lately, you may have noticed something missing. Whereas previously, the company bundled discounted or even free inkjet printers with many of their computer packages, they have now stopped selling Dell branded inkjet printers entirely! Does this mean owners of previous models are left out in the cold? We take a look at why this change happened, and how consumers will be affected. Continue reading “Dell is No Longer Making Inkjet Printers” »

Simple Fixes for Lexmark Error Codes

Lexmark printers display error codes to alert users of a problem. While some of these codes are quite serious, and may require a professional repair, others are very simple and can be resolved quickly by the user. Here are some of the most harmless error codes you are likely to encounter, with some quick fixes to get you up and running in a flash.

Error 22 or 23:  Paper Jam or Out of Paper

Depending on the model, this error code can mean that the unit is out of paper, or that it has a paper jam. Try unloading the input paper tray and carefully reloading the paper to make sure it is being detected properly.

If you suspect you have a paper jam, see the video below for specific instructions related to Lexmark models, or visit our page on How to Clear Paper Jams. Either way, make sure to check for any debris that may be blocking the sensors, as this can also trigger an error message. Continue reading “Simple Fixes for Lexmark Error Codes” »

Lexmark 3300 Series 1203 Error

If you have a Lexmark 3300 series printer, you receive errors as numbered Lexmark error codes, due to the smaller screen. Error code 1203 is common enough that is worth spending a little extra time on, and it is often fairly easy to resolve.

Generally you will see this error because miscommunication has occurred between a cartridge and the machine itself. You may also see this error if there is an electrical failure in a printhead.

Unplug Power Cord

Reset the Printer

In order to fix this error, shut down the machine and unplug the power cable from the back of the device. After about 30 seconds, plug the power cable back into the machine and turn the multifunction device back on. Try printing a test page, and if that is normal, the error has been resolved. If it doesn’t work or the error message returns, you can try a few more things. Continue reading “Lexmark 3300 Series 1203 Error” »

Installing Lexmark P915 Software

Lexmark P915The Lexmark P915 is a very popular inkjet printer, and it offers high-quality photo printing at an affordable price. As with many budget models, it features a fairly basic control panel, and relies heavily on the included software package for many of its features and options. Continue reading “Installing Lexmark P915 Software” »

Lexmark Error Codes

Error MessagesLexmark laser printers are some of the best on the market for use in an office environment, small or large.  These machines are built to provide efficient speed and professional quality for many years.  Though durable, a device with so many moving parts can run into trouble.  Parts get worn down, debris gets stuck, errors occur.  A series of LED lights will usually blink when something is not working properly and then an error code will be displayed on the LCD. Continue reading “Lexmark Error Codes” »