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How Many Years Worth of Toner Does Your Small Business Need?

Konica-Minolta magicolor 2200Several years worth?

It’s not surprising, then, that the 17-person company is still using Windows XP, Microsoft’s popular but aging operating system. But they’re not sticking with XP because they don’t want to buy new hardware or software. Rather, the company is sitting on a stockpile of printer supplies — toner, drum units, and the like — for seven Konica Minolta Magicolor 2200 color lasers. Standardizing on a single printer enabled Veripic to purchase large volumes of supplies at discount.

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Common Konica-Minolta Printer Error Messages

Konica-Minolta Printer LogoKonica-Minolta specializes in making durable, reliable office printers and all-in-one machines.  However, not even the top manufacturers in the printing industry can guarantee these devices will work without error.  If you have a Konica-Minolta laser printer or multi-function unit, below is a list of some of the most common error messages you may encounter, and possible solutions to help get you back up and running: Continue reading “Common Konica-Minolta Printer Error Messages” »

Lost Your Printer Manual?

Lose Something?Whether it is thrown away with the packing material or lost in translation along the way, so often the essential user’s manual for your printer is nowhere to be found.   It can be extremely frustrating not to have your printer’s manual when you need it, but don’t worry, you are not out of options. Continue reading “Lost Your Printer Manual?” »

Warranty Information for OEM Printer Cartridges

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) printer cartridges are products that are manufactured directly by a brand name company, like HP or Canon, and have the manufacturer brand name directly on the product packaging.    If you purchase your printer cartridge from a retail web site, OEM or brand name cartridges are typically sold side-by-side with non-brand cartridges, typically called “compatible” or “remanufactured” cartridges, which are typically much less expensive than their brand name counterparts. Continue reading “Warranty Information for OEM Printer Cartridges” »