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How Offset Printing Works Infographic

How Offset Printing Works Infographic Lead In Graphic

Ever wonder how your favorite magazine is made and how so many are mass produced? We have all heard the term “offset printing,” but do you actually know what goes into that particular printing process? Find out more about how so many publications are produced before they get into your hands. Continue reading “How Offset Printing Works Infographic” »

The Currency Printing Process [Infographic]

The Currency Printing Process Lead In

Printing U.S. currency is an interesting process. Every part of a single bill is made up of specific inks, paper, and symbols that give it a beautiful and intricate look. This level of detail also makes it difficult to counterfeit. Learn more about the money printing process and how it began by viewing the following infographic.

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How To Screen Print From Home

How to Screen PrintScreen printing is often thought of as a professional service that requires the use of special equipment to achieve good results. That is no longer the case! With a printer, standard inkjet cartridges, and some planning and materials, and the following infographic, screen printing does not have to be a difficult process. Follow the instructions in the infographic to produce simple screen printed items in the comfort of your own home.




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How To Print From Anywhere

Print From Anywhere

Advancements in printing are happening more rapidly every day. There is so much news about 3D printing these days, but there are still innovations when it comes to printing at home or on the road with your own devices. These little improvements make a big difference in terms of speed and convenience, whether you are printing from your smart phone to your personal printer or printing your boarding pass in the hotel lobby, printing is at your fingertips. You can print from anywhere using Ink Technologies Ink and Toner. Continue reading “How To Print From Anywhere” »

The Possibilities of a 3D Printer

3D printing technology is relatively new, finding its beginnings in the 1980s, but the progress it has made and the future it holds summon nothing less than amazement. With new materials being introduced into the 3D printing process, the possibilities seem endless. In addition to the lure of printing common, everyday items, the technology is building excitement for the opportunities it carries in medicine and health care. 3D printing is now making waves in food production, industry materials, and even medicine!

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3D Printing: How Does it Work?

Imagine being able to create any object; any shape or idea you can think of. Now, imagine being able to instantly print these things on the spot. Luckily, this instant gratification is within reach. 3D printing has emerged over the last two decades, continues to evolve and is ultimately shaping our future in technology. How does this process work and why is it used? In our “3D Printing: How Does it Work?” infographic, explore this revolutionary printing process, its uses in everyday life and what to expect in the future. Continue reading “3D Printing: How Does it Work?” »

Will You Ever Have a Petabyte to Move?

Petabit Fiber


The short answer is no. The longer answer is probably…no.

We ask, though, because NEC and Corning researchers have developed new multi-core fibers capable of moving over a petabyte of data in a second. We had to read this paragraph a few times to get it:

Researchers from the NEC Labs in Princeton, NJ, USA, and from Corning’s Sullivan Park Research Center in Corning, NY, successfully demonstrated ultra-high speed transmission with a capacity of 1.05 petabit/s (1015 bits per second) over novel multi-core fiber that contains 12 single-mode and two few-mode cores by employing the advanced space division multiplexing scheme and optical multiple-input multiple-output signal processing technique.

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Life Cycle of a Toner Cartridge

How do you get the most use out of your toner cartridge? How are they made, and what happens to them when they run out of toner? You use them every day for printing, but there’s a lot you may not know about these handy, important devices. In The Life Cycle of a Toner Cartridge infographic learn how toner cartridges are created and function, tips for getting the most value and quality from them, and how refurbishing them saves you money and helps the environment.

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The History of Ink [Infographic]

Ink has been used for centuries to create art, define law, document history and customize homes.  From the early days of making ink from ground plants and minerals to the first fountain ink pen all the way to inkjet printers, ink has developed into something we use every day.  The use of printer ink, especially, is present everywhere- the pictures hanging on the walls, the books collected on the shelves, the labels on medicine bottles and produce.

At Ink Technologies, we work exclusively with printer ink manufacturers that believe in the same high quality standard as we do.  We take pride in our compatible and remanufactured ink products and strive to provide only the best.  We also know how important it is to understand the history of ink and to prepare for the future of ink.

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Recycle Your Toner Cartridges! [Infographic]

Toner cartridge recycling is important.  Super important.  While most people probably understand that cartridge recycling is a good thing to do, we still see half a billion cartridges showing up at landfill sites each year.  At Ink Technologies, we take toner recycling very seriously; so much in fact that we maintain our own free recycling program, and feel that it’s crucial that we all take a moment to appreciate how serious (and easily solved) this problem could be.

Do your part to help out by recycling your own cartridges, and spreading the word to others.  We’ve created this wonderfully detailed visual aid as a way to help you get the word out tastefully.

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