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What is HP Cartridge Protection?

HP Cartridge ProtectionIf you’ve purchased an HP Printer, you might notice that the printer won’t allow you to install your cartridge. Is HP trying to block you from using compatible and remanufactured supplies? Not exactly.

With some new printers, HP introduced a Cartridge Protection feature that is designed to protect against counterfeit products posing as genuine HP supplies. Unfortunately, it often has the side effect of blocking less expensive compatible and remanufactured supplies.

We’ll show you how to disable it with a few simple steps. Continue reading “What is HP Cartridge Protection?” »

HP Expands its Wireless Printing Features

HP AppsHP was one of the first companies to offer remote printing for home and small-office printers, with its ePrint technology. Now, the company continues this trend with an Android app, a new wireless direct feature, and the HP Printables feature for scheduling your favorite photos, articles, and more to print automatically. New models in the ENVY line combine this connectivity with excellent output quality as an easy web-connected solution for home users. Continue reading “HP Expands its Wireless Printing Features” »

What’s New at HP?

HP Logo

There are some exciting things happening at HP lately, from breaking a Guinness World Record for speed to new technologies that make sharing photos a captivating experience. Here are a few of the highlights.
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Apple Offers Great Deals on HP and Epson Printers

Apple Logo Printer

If you’re in the market for a new printer, you might be interested in a new promotion from Apple. Noted first by 9to5Mac, HP and Epson has reduced the price of certain printer models by up to $70, and the prices are available online now and in stores soon, with an end date of September 6, 2013.

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HP P2055dn Review

The HP LaserJet P2055dn is an excellent workhorse of a printer. The HP P2055dn is a monochrome laser printer designed for heavy use, making it ideal for a home office or a small company. The printer is one of the fastest printers available on the market, clocking in with speeds of 35 pages per minute. The HP P2055dn also has superior print quality. Rounding off the printer’s capabilities with a tendency not to jam or malfunction, the HP P2055dn is an excellent printer for a reasonable price.HP P2055 Continue reading “HP P2055dn Review” »

Replacing HP Photo Cartridges

HP Photo CartridgeThe standard colors that are found in most printers are cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  These four basic colors combined in different mixtures can generate a color gamut that includes thousands of colors.  This extensive color spectrum creates sharp, vivid images that are pretty true to the original.  However, certain photo printers from HP offer specialty photo inks that provide even more intricate color schemes to create the best photographs possible. Continue reading “Replacing HP Photo Cartridges” »

HP Fax Test

Setting up a new fax machine is usually not difficult. When it comes time to test its operation, however, most users need to find another user and another fax machine, taking up their time as well as yours. Fortunately, the HP Fax Test Service provides an easier solution. By sending a fax to their toll-free number, you can receive a return fax in just a few minutes to confirm that your machine is able to both send and receive. Here are the steps to follow.

HP Fax TestHow to Use the HP Fax Test Service

  1. Make sure your fax machine is plugged in, turned on and filled with paper.
  2. Prepare a simple text sheet that you can send. Any simple office memo will suffice, or just print out a single-page document with some sample text on it. You could even include a favorite quote just for fun!
  3. Insert the page for faxing and send it to 1-888-HPFAXME (1-888-473-2963).
  4. Wait 5 to 7 minutes (or sometimes as long as 30 minutes) for a return fax. If you receive the return fax, you have now verified that your fax machine is working properly. Continue reading “HP Fax Test” »

Checking HP Ink Levels

Ink LevelsOne of the most common things HP printer owners want to know is how much ink is left in their cartridges. Although some units make it very obvious when they are running low, some don’t. When you encounter issues such as faded color when printing, for example, the cause could be as simple as low ink levels, but you need a way to check them. HP inkjet printers usually offer multiple ways to monitor ink levels, making this information easy to find. Below is a general explanation of a few methods for checking the amount of ink in your cartridges. Though this won’t work for every HP inkjet or deskjet printer, it will work for most. Continue reading “Checking HP Ink Levels” »

HP LaserJet P2010 Lights

HP P2010 Status Lights

The status lights on the HP LaserJet P2010 control panel.

The models in the HP LaserJet P2010 series are fast and reliable devices, but diagnosing problems can be a bit tricky, owing to the use of multiple status lights on the control panel. There are six status lights and each one stands for something different. Each light can also be combined with other lights to relay even more information. To better understand, consider these six lights as lights 1-6, from top to bottom. Here are some of the most common light codes and their meanings. Continue reading “HP LaserJet P2010 Lights” »

How to Replace HP LaserJet 2840 Cartridges and Imaging Drum

Replacing toner cartridges and imaging drums are standard procedures when it comes to maintaining a laser printer.  Most models from varying manufacturers have similar configurations; however, the internal setup of the HP LaserJet 2840 is slightly different, as the cartridges and drum can only be accessed by lifting the scanner (as shown in image, release button is circled).HP 2840 Printer

Replacing the Cartridge

Rather than offering standard slots, the cartridges are held on a carousel and users must use the button on the control panel to rotate to the color that is being replaced.