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Easter Entertainment That Will Make You Rethink the Holiday

If you are hosting an Easter event, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have young children hanging around your house. And if there are young children hanging around your house, it would behoove you to have some fun things planned to keep them entertained after the egg hunt is over. This blog post is all about fun Easter entertainment.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are good for numerous reasons. They give people a chance to get creative, they allow for bonding time between kids and adults, and more importantly, they are just plain fun. Or at least they can be, with a little preparation on your part. You need to know what folks will enjoy, and you’ll need to arm yourself with all the necessary materials.

Some projects require a few simple supplies, such as these printable crafts. Others require more pre-planning and in some cases, more money invested ahead of time, like this project made with buttons and fabric. The end result is well worth it!

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Easter Crafts! Bunny Garland is the Best

Why is garland just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? We say forget that! Here’s a quick and easy project to decorate your home for Easter from Martha Stewart:

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Easter Crafts! Lightbulb Lambs.

We love Better Homes & Gardens and we loved¬†their ideas for Valentine’s Day.

So let’s return to the source with some terrific BH&G ideas for Easter!

The first doubles as one of the most adorable crafts you’ll ever see and a conservation/recycling effort!

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