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Free Stats from Dell

“It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.” ~ George Bernard Shaw.

Meta-analysis. Correlations. Binomial distribution. Marginal probability of error. For those of you who love numbers, you’re in familiar territory. Those terms may even make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If they don’t, though, you’re not alone.

A statistic is a fact or piece of data obtained from a large quantity of numerical data. They’re everywhere. You’ll hear statistics in the news—in weather predictions, for example. You’ll be persuaded by them in advertising: “75% of people sleep better when they take this new drug.” You might even look to them when making decisions. Ever look up vehicle safety ratings before buying a new car?

So why do so many people get glassy-eyed when the subject of statistics is brought up? It may be because they just don’t understand them. Dell is setting out to change this.

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The Unfashionably Late Dell Venue 8 7000

The world’s thinnest tablet might be taking many folks back to their childhood, though not necessarily in such a good way. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted something so badly you could almost taste it? Maybe you counted down the days to a holiday or your birthday, thinking the big day might never come? Grownups told you to stop asking, already, it’ll be here before you know it.

The new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series is having a similar effect. Introduced on September 9th by none other than Michael Dell himself at IDF 2014, it seems it might never make it to anybody’s hot little hands. Originally set to ship in November, the month has come and gone and it seems this little tablet might also remain a mere wish through the rest of the winter holidays.

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Dell is No Longer Making Inkjet Printers

Dell Not Available


If you’ve shopped around Dell’s website lately, you may have noticed something missing. Whereas previously, the company bundled discounted or even free inkjet printers with many of their computer packages, they have now stopped selling Dell branded inkjet printers entirely! Does this mean owners of previous models are left out in the cold? We take a look at why this change happened, and how consumers will be affected. Continue reading “Dell is No Longer Making Inkjet Printers” »

Dell Brings LED Printers into the Home and Small Office

LED printers are considered to be superior to laser printers, at least in a few ways, such as reliability. Until now, they haven’t reached smaller markets, on a wide scale. Until now. With dropping manufacturing costs, Dell is making LED printing more affordable for the home and small office, releasing new models that are both compact and affordable, while still using similar Dell toner as it does in its laser models.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Recycle ink cartridgesBut it ain’t all that hard either:

The push for greener initiatives in the workplace has certainly gained steam through the years.  Companies like Starbucks began offering two slots (one for compost and another for recycling) for customers to dispose of their latte and baguette wrapper.  Then there’s tennis shoe companies like Brooks unveiling fully biodegradable shoes (the BioMoGo), that once placed in a properly encapsulated landfill, will naturally degrade in 20 years, as opposed to the 1,000 years it takes for a traditional shoe.

Other major industries such as Dell have significantly reduced their carbon footprint with their products, by crafting laptops and desktops that use 25 percent less energy.  Truth is, whether it’s offering more eco-friendly products or charting a course for patrons and employees to recycle, the green awareness is there.

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Dell False Low Ink Message

A common problem that users of Dell inkjet printers experience is having the “Low Ink” warning pop up when in fact the ink is not low at all. Though this can happen with any printer, it seems to be more common in Dell printers.  It is an annoying flaw, but is generally an easy fix.

Here are a few quick steps to hide this false error through the Dell software on your PC:

  1. Fix Dell False Ink WarningClick the Start menu.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select Printer and Faxes or Devices and Printers.
  4. Right click the icon for your printer and choose Printing Preferences.
  5. Go to the Advanced Settings tab.
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Dell Printer Error Codes

Dell printers are typically reliable and easy-to-use, but occasionally errors can occur. Newer models have larger displays that allow for fairly detailed descriptions of errors, but older Dell printers with smaller display screens used number codes for certain issues.   So if a message pops up and says “Output bin full – remove paper,” there is no code to crack.  You should be able to find the number codes in your user’s manual, but here is a list of the most common codes you may encounter when using your Dell printer. Continue reading “Dell Printer Error Codes” »