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Help Your Company Go Green By Recycling Your Cartridges

Make your business more eco-friendly through cartridge recycling.

It is no secret that recycling is one of the major components in cutting down on your use of natural resources and saving energy. By simply taking the extra steps in your day-to-day life to reduce your waste and recycle any and all materials which could be potentially damaging to the environment, you are reducing the amount of garbage that is generated in your home. Overall, this also helps to cut down on our needs for landfills and incinerators across the country!

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Recycle Your Toner Cartridges! [Infographic]

Toner cartridge recycling is important.  Super important.  While most people probably understand that cartridge recycling is a good thing to do, we still see half a billion cartridges showing up at landfill sites each year.  At Ink Technologies, we take toner recycling very seriously; so much in fact that we maintain our own free recycling program, and feel that it’s crucial that we all take a moment to appreciate how serious (and easily solved) this problem could be.

Do your part to help out by recycling your own cartridges, and spreading the word to others.  We’ve created this wonderfully detailed visual aid as a way to help you get the word out tastefully.

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