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Meet the PIXMA MG3620 Wireless Inkjet AIO Printer from Canon

If you’re in the market for a new wireless printer, Canon wants to make you a happy customer with their latest model.

Introducing the PIXMA MG3620 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One printer, available in red, black, or white to compliment your home office space. It boasts a simpler Wi-Fi setup than previous models, and was designed with everyday home use in mind. It also supports AirPrint technology, so what you see is what you print: clear, crisp, and vibrant.

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Affordable Canon Laser Printing for Under $100

Canon has been very busy in the past year, releasing affordable new laser printers and expanding their AirPrint lineup. They have also launched a new website just for the crafty crowd. Here, we round up some of the most exciting things to come out of Canon in the past several months.

Canon imageCLASS LBP6000

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Canon Offers New Cloud Printing Features

Canon Cloud Printing

Have you ever wished for an easier way to print photos from Facebook, Twitter, and other online services? Wish that you could integrate your smartphone or tablet with your printer for easier control? A few of Canon’s new services and mobile apps can help you find and print the images you want without the fuss!

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Canon MX870 Ink Cartridges

canon ink cartridgesAt Ink Technologies we are obviously in the ink business, but what good is ink without the printer? Printer manufacturers have made steady progress over the last decade to provide efficient, reliable, and user-friendly machines. One of the nation’s leading printer brands is Canon. Continue reading “Canon MX870 Ink Cartridges” »

Canon PIXMA MP620 Wireless Problem

If you are using a Mac and are trying to connect to your wireless Canon PIXMA MP620, you may be having trouble getting the devices to communicate. You may have even tried the steps outlined in Setting Up Wireless Printers without any luck. This is a somewhat rare issue, but it has to do with the default Mac firewall running on your computer. By following a few troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve the problem and still use the firewall.

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, then choose System Preferences. You can also click the System Preferences icon in the dock, if you prefer.
  2. Click the button that reads Show All. This helps you see all of the options listed. Now click Security or Security & Privacy. Click the Firewall tab. If the buttons are grayed out, you need to click the Lock icon in the lower left of the window, then enter your user password to make changes.
  3. Choose Allow All Incoming Connections. This will temporarily allow your computer and printer to see each other, but turning off the firewallMac firewall settings completely makes the computer somewhat vulnerable, so don’t leave this setting on long-term.
  4. Click the left arrow button at the top left to go back to the System Preferences page. Click Hardware, then click the Print and Fax or Print and Scan option.
  5. There should be a list of printers  on the left side of the screen. If your printer series “MP620” is listed, delete it from the options. Now put your Canon installation CD that came with the printer to reinstall the printer onto your computer. If you can no longer locate the installation CD, go to Canon’s website to download the driver there.
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Canon ScanGear Setup

If you have a Canon copier, downloading the Canon ScanGear Tool will turn your single-purpose copy machine into a dual-purpose copier/scanner.  This software allows you to maximize the functionality of your equipment in a free and intuitive way.

This process does not require years of training, it is as simple as following this list of steps:

  1. Download the ScanGear tool from the Canon website.
    1. Version 2.21 for monochrome copiers.
    2. Version 2.71 (or higher) for color copiers.
  2. Run the downloaded EXE, which can be accessed in the TEMP folder.
  3. Launch the file and follow the prompts to install ScanGear.
  4. The IP address of your copier will be needed for the launch the ScanGear tool.
  5. Make sure the connection is established by selecting ‘Test Connection’.
  6. At the copier, press the Scan button and select ‘Online’ to turn the Scan mode on.  It will automatically
    search for the ScanGear software.
  7. Place document in feeder trayand from your computer, select an option from the Scan New Document
    box (typically, black and white or color).

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Cleaning Canon Waste Ink Absorbers

When you run the automatic internal cleaning system in your Canon printer, accumulated dust particles and dried ink will be swept from the printhead to prevent clogging and an eventual reduction in print quality.  That dirt and excess ink that is cleaned must go somewhere, however.  This is the purpose of the waste ink absorber.

ink absorber fullThe waste ink absorber consists of two foam pads within a rubber frame, the foam absorbs the mess and prevents the loose particles from falling to the floor of the machine.  Eventually, though, the waste absorber gets full and needs to be emptied and cleaned.  You will know when this time comes as an error message will be triggered and the printer will not print. This error is either displayed as “Waste Ink Tank Full” or “The Ink Absorber is Full” in the software or on the control panel, or a sequence of flashes from the printer’s indicator lights will indicate this error when you consult the manual. Continue reading “Cleaning Canon Waste Ink Absorbers” »

Changing Canon Pixma MX700 Bulbs

MX700The Canon Pixma MX700 has quite a few things that make it different from other models on the market. One of these things that sets it apart is its small bulb, or lamp, placed inside that helps the machine scan and copy documents. Just  like any lamp or light in your house or workplace, that little light inside your MX700 will eventually burn out and need replaced.  When this light burns out, the unit will no longer be able to copy or scan. Continue reading “Changing Canon Pixma MX700 Bulbs” »

Common Canon Printer Error Codes

Canon LogoOver the years, printers have developed from simple, basic machines to complex, multi-featured, all-in-one devices that can handle enormous daily office volumes or produce beautiful images.  This rapid development is evident in printer display panels, which started as small, 2-line black-and-white screens and now offer large, color, touchscreen LCDs. Continue reading “Common Canon Printer Error Codes” »

Ink Cartridge Configurations for the Canon BJC-85 and BJC-55 Printers

The Canon BJC-55 and BJC-85 are compatible printers that use the same  ink cartridges. Both weighing less than 4 pounds, these machines are very portable and designed to be used on the go.

Different configurations of ink are required for optimal print quality, so it is useful to understand the best method for various types of jobs.

Here is a layout of the appropriate ink types for specific tasks:Canon BJC-55 and BJC-85 ink


When printing in color, BCI-11 Color ink and a BCI-10 Black ink are both needed. Using these two ink cartridges will allow the printer to create an enormous scale of colors to produce bright, vivid graphics. Continue reading “Ink Cartridge Configurations for the Canon BJC-85 and BJC-55 Printers” »