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Brother Brings Color LED and Mobile Printing to the Home

Brother-Color-LEDAre you looking for a better solution for home color printing, or need a better way to connect your mobile devices to your printer? Brother has been busy in the past several months, releasing new affordable LED printers for color printing at home, as well as faster monochrome models. The new iPrint&Scan app turns your smartphone or tablet into a standalone printing station, and even makes scanning that much easier. We’ll take a look at some of the models and technologies in Brother’s current laser and LED lineup. Continue reading “Brother Brings Color LED and Mobile Printing to the Home” »

Brother’s New Lineup Features NFC and Portable Printing

Brother NFC

NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a buzzword in the technology industry these days, but few manufacturers have really cracked the code of making it useful. Brother is taking their first shot at implementing NFC in printer models, and reviews are very positive. The company has also updated their lineup of portable printers, and included options for smartphone and tablet integration that should make them even easier to use when out and about. Continue reading “Brother’s New Lineup Features NFC and Portable Printing” »

Brother iPrint&Scan

With the growth of mobile devices, people have been trying to find easy ways to print from the palm of their hand.  Well, Brother has made an application that can be downloaded for free and makes the process of printing your pictures, emails and documents simpler than ever.Brother iPrint&Scan

The iPrint&Scan application is easy to download and will automatically search for compatible Brother printers and all-in-one units within the local network once the app is fully installed.  This app is supported by Apple, Android and Microsoft phones and tablets.  Check here for a full list of all printer models that are compatible with the iPrint&Scan app. Continue reading “Brother iPrint&Scan” »

Brother Toner too Small?

The reason people frequently ask about changing Brother toner cartridges is because this brand of printer is unique in the way it is set up inside.  Standard laser printers have a panel to open that leads directly to the cartridge, which can simply be pulled out of the printer and a new cartridge can easily be installed.  What makes Brother printers different is that the drum unit and the cartridge are together in one assembly rather than two separate units like in most laser printers.

For consumers who have owned HP or Lexmark printers in the past, it can be confusing at first glance of a Brother cartridge that snaps into the drum assembly rather than a slot in the machine.  Once it is explained that the drum and cartridge fit together in the assembly, the replacement process is pretty easy.  Use these simple steps to replace your Brother toner cartridge.

  1. Be sure the machine is completely off.
  2. The assembly has a handle that should be visible as soon as the front panel is opened, pull on it and the assembly should pull right out.
  3. Be sure to lay down something to protect the floor from potential toner leaking.  Be careful to not touch the drum as it is sensitive.
  4. There will be a small lever that needs to be pushed to separate the cartridge from the drum.
  5. Put the new cartridge in the open slot, but be sure all shipping seals and packaging have been removed.
  6. The cartridge will snap into the assembly and the assembly will snap into the unit (be sure you listen for the ‘click’).
  7. Close the panel and turn the machine on, it should automatically read the new cartridge and resume printing immediately.

If there is still some confusion as to the proper way to replace a Brother toner cartridge, watch the video below for a better understanding.

Brother Printer Paused or Offline

Brother printers are generally quite reliable, and the majority of users won’t encounter many Brother error messages, even during heavy use. One error that you may encounter infrequently, however, is a message that states “The printer status is Offline” or “The printer status is Paused”. Essentially, the system is alerting you that Windows has paused the device or that it is now considered “offline”. Luckily, this is actually very easy to fix, and it should take you only a few steps to get up and running again.

Printer Status is Offline

The instructions for getting the printer online depend on the operating system you are using:

  • Use Printer OnlineWindows XP — Click “Start”, then “Printers and Faxes”.  Right-click your Brother printer’s name, and then click “Use Printer Online”.
  • Windows Vista — Choose “Start”, followed by “Control Panel”. Next, click on “Hardware and Sounds” and then “Printers”. Right-click your Brother printer and then click “Use Printer Online”.
  • Windows 7 — Click “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”. Now double click on your Brother printer’s icon and click “See what’s printing”. Next, simply click “Printer”. You will now see an option that says “Use Printer Offline” with a checkmark in the box next to it. Click to remove the check mark from the box. Continue reading “Brother Printer Paused or Offline” »

Common Brother Printer Error Messages

Brother is one of the most widely known manufacturers of office equipment, ranging from thermal label printers to enterprise all-in-one machines.  Over the years, Brother has earned a reputation of producing top-of-the-line equipment with innovative features.  However, with complex machinery, problems will come up.  Below we have listed the most common error messages reported from Brother users, and some potential solutions: Continue reading “Common Brother Printer Error Messages” »

Printing on Garments with Brother GraffiTee Printers

Brother is one of the top manufacturers in the printing industry.  This company is known for being innovative and is a front-runner in the topic of “who makes the best business printers?”  Brother has also designed lines of sewing and embroidery machines.  In recent years, though, the Graffitee series has taken over the garment printing industry.

There are three models in this line of printers: the GT-341 (entry level), GT-361 (mid level), and GT-381 (high level).  The GT-341 and GT-361 have a modular design, meaning they can be upgraded to have the same features as the GT-381.  This allows the machines to grow with a company as volumes increase, eliminating the possibility of an entry-level printer becoming obsolete when higher capacities are required.

Brother GT-341Brother GT-341

This beginner’s garment printer offers only black, cyan, magenta, and yellow Brother ink, meaning you will only be able to print on light or white materials.  The 1200 dpi quality will produce photo-quality images that can be loaded directly through the USB flash drive port.  An ethernet interface is also available so multiple users can share the GT-341 in an office or shop.  GraffixPro Studio t-shirt design software is provided by Brother, making this is a perfect machine for a startup company. Continue reading “Printing on Garments with Brother GraffiTee Printers” »

Drum LED Light on Brother Printers

Brother laser printers track the life of the drum unit very closely, as it is an essential component in laser printing technology.  The machine will warn you when the drum is nearing the end of its life with a blinking LED light, usually indicating that the drum will need to be replaced soon. The drum is the part of the printer that transfers printer toner from the cartridge to the page, so if the drum unit gets dirty or worn down, the quality of the prints will suffer.

Brother Drum LED Light

The green light blinking next to ‘Drum’ indicates the end of the drum’s life is near and the blue ‘Go’ button is used to clear the blinking light.

If the drum LED is blinking, you can replace the drum immediately to avoid any further issue, but don’t jump the gun on this.  Even if the indicator light is blinking, it is recommended to continue using your current drum until you can see a noticeable decline in quality. Once you start to see this, the drum is truly at the end of its life.  The LED indicator light is actually based on the number of pages printed rather than the actual condition of the drum, so it is entirely possible for you to get many more pages after the first warning sign. Continue reading “Drum LED Light on Brother Printers” »