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Print-On-Demand Services Revolutionize Self-Publishing

Boat on a BookEvery day, hundreds of new ebooks show up on Amazon and other sites from self-published authors, but many consumers still prefer to read physical books. A few print-on-demand services are stepping in to fill the gap, however, giving aspiring authors a way to get their books into the hands of readers, without the high volume or high price most large publishers require.
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Print Your Own Books at a Kiosk

As more and more readers make the switch to eBooks and other digital formats, there are still many who prefer physical books. The problem, of course, is that you either have to order online and wait for shipping, or choose from what is available at your local bookstore. You could try to print a book at home, but you would burn through a lot of ink cartridges in the process, and the result likely would not resemble a real book. But what if you could simply choose from a large library of books and print yourself a physical copy on demand? Well, a number of companies have already started to make professional-quality on-demand books a reality.

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