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The Scanbox is an innovative, portable solution for scanning documents of all kinds using the camera on your smartphone.  Made of laminated cards and magnetic buttons, this box can be constructed in seconds and will fold down flat so it can fit in a bag.  For occasional photo or document scanning needs, the days of having an expensive, bulky scanner, such as the Epson WorkForce 845, on your desk are over.

The Scanbox can be used for scanning photos as well as 3D objects, but it also can serve as a projection screen and an organizational tool by allowing you to digitize receipts.  The section designated for the document or object being scanned is big enough to fit a letter-size piece of paper.  The two sides of the box not only prevent shadows and outside lights from negatively affecting the scanned image, but those sides also optimize facial recognition when scanning pictures.

ScanBoxWhen the document or object is ready to be scanned, set your camera phone on the top of the box with the camera pointing through the designated hole.  Once you take the picture, you have a few options.  Using a mobile printing application such as AirPrint, you can send the image to a printer, thus making your phone a photocopier of sorts.  You can also download a scanning application (Camscanner+ is recommended by the creators of Scanbox), which will give you the opportunity to save the image to a PDF or email it.

Also available is the Scanbox Plus, which is virtually the same thing as the regular Scanbox but has an additional flap on the backside of the box that diffuses light.  The Plus also features LED lights so you can scan at any time, even in low light or in the dark.

On course to change the face of mobile scanning, the Scanbox is simple to set up and nearly weightless to carry.  It provides an environment to take pictures of a document or object without the concern of awkward lighting that could make the scans unclear, and utilizes the smartphone that many people already carry with them anyway.

Here is a video to help you better understand what the Scanbox can do for you:

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