Reset Print Spooler

WindowsWhen using a Windows operating system, a service known as a print spooler is designed to help you manage your tasks.  Not only does this service organize multiple print jobs, but it also processes each one in order without overwhelming the printer’s memory.  The spooler coordinates the print queue, where you can delete and manage your tasks.  For instance, if you send a 20-page job to your printer and as it waits in the spooler, you realize you only have enough HP 02 Black ink for 10 pages, you can access the spooler and cancel the order.

Most print spooler errors can be fixed by restarting the service.  There are multiple ways to do this, but here are the most direct step-by-step instructions of how to reset your print spooler:

    1. Go to the Start Menu.
    2. In the Search Box, type ‘admin’. (Or you can click on Control Panel and Select Systems and Security).
    3. Click Administrative Tools.
    4. Double-Click Services.
    5. Right Click the Print Spooler heading.
    6. Click Stop.
    7. Right-Click on Print Spooler again.
    8. Click Start.

See this video for a visual reference of the process:

Resetting the service is designed to clear the printer memory and spooler of the current tasks and hopefully eliminate whatever is causing the error message or problem.  If the printer spooler is not functioning, you will not be able to print, so be sure you understand how to restart this service.  After you have reset the print spooler, if the problems persist, consider loading the Microsoft Fix It program, which can be used to troubleshoot a number of issues, including spooler errors.

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