Quality Process for Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing of toner cartridges is a specialized process that requires many steps in order to achieve “original OEM” quality standards.   Unlike the “drill and fill” methods used by many manufacturers, top tier resellers like Ink Technologies source cartridges only from manufacturers that use the most rigorous quality standards.   Here is an overview of a high quality toner cartridge remanufacturing process:

Toner Cartridge Inspection

1. Sorting and Grading

All incoming toner cartridge empties are strictly inspected and sorted according to model, color and quality level before delivery to the production line. Only premium empty cartridges are used, to ensure optimal quality.


Toner Cartridge Components2. Incoming Raw Materials Inspection

All toner cartridge components such as drums, toner, blades, PCRs, rollers, etc. are tested against stringent standards before they reach the production floor.



Empty Toner Cartridge3. Split and Clean

Empty toner cartridges are carefully disassembled with specialized tools and thoroughly cleaned.



Automated Filling of Toner Powder4. Automated Filling of Toner Powder

Using automated filling equipment, each toner cartridge is precisely filled with toner powder a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to the exact specified weight to provide the best page yields and printer performance.



Sealing Toner Cartridges5. Cartridge Sealing

Some toner cartridges have the ability to have the toner hopper sealed. Using a high quality sealing process ensures a leak-proof cartridge that is easy for the consumers to install.  Many manufacturers cut corners and do not properly seal their cartridges, resulting in powder leakage and allowing air to access the cartridge powder, resulting in poor shelf life.



Toner Cartridge Assembly

6. Cartridge Assembly

Qualified technicians assemble all cartridges with A-grade components sourced from ISO certified component providers in the supply chain.   The assembly process includes the installation of a pre-qualified drum, wiper blade, doctor blade, PCR, developing roller and all other necessary parts.



Testing Toner Cartridges7. Cartridge Testing

All toner cartridges are 100% tested according to industry standard print tests to ensure outstanding performance and quality.  Reputable manufacturers use third parties to test and certify their products, like STMC and the Rochester Institute of Technology (see below).



Final Cartridge Inspection8. Final Checking, Cleaning and Stocking

All cartridges are checked, cleaned and stocked in a stagingwarehouse for 2-4 days to ensure they conform to our strict quality standards before packaging.



Weighing Cartridges9. Packaging

All cartridges are double-checked for weight, have chips installed, are cleaned, polished, heat-sealed in a static resistant bag, and boxed with a full set of instructions and warranty information if necessary.


Quality Control10. Quality Control

All toner cartridges are 100% tested on production lines, inspected randomly at least 3% before packaging, inspected randomly at least 2% before delivery.

A reputable manufacturing facility will be backed by advanced technology equipment and professional engineers and technicians. Stringent quality control is imposed in the entire production process, including research and development, product engineering, prototyping, assembly and deliveries to ensure the quality of our products at the premium level. Each step in the manufacturing process is monitored by senior Quality Control engineers.

Reputable toner cartridge  manufacturers, like those used by Ink Technologies, are tested, trained, and certified in the following standards to ensure the products meet or exceed the original printer manufacturer’s own specifications:

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001 certification

STMC certification

IECQ certification

Rochester Institute of Technology

By sourcing only from manufacturers who apply these standards, Ink Technologies can ensure the quality of each remanufactured cartridge, and rest assured that we are providing a high-quality product to each customer, while also saving them money.

Steve Leigh
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