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Citrix software can provide a way to log into another machine remotely, and can be a great solution for when you are on the road, or using a different operating system and still need to access Windows programs. For the most part, you can print from the applications on the remote machine as long as the printer is set up with the machine properly. Sometimes, shared printers on an ethernet network can be more difficult to set up, however, especially remotely. If you are trying to print with Citrix but are having problems, try these simple instructions to get you up and running. You will need the name of the print server before you begin.

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  1. Log onto Citrix using your normal login. Once you are on, locate your home or your company’s print server from a list and click on it.
  2. Go to the “Start” menu and click “Run”.
  3. Type your printer server’s name into the box. For example, “\\HPprinterserver\” without the quotes.  Press Enter.
  4. A new list of available printers should pop up. Select the printer you are trying to install and double click it. The system will start to configure the printer. Once the printer is installed, you should see a print queue appear.

Now that you can print, you may want to add a few settings to your machine that will make the printer the default for all users.

  1. Click on the “Start” button and then “All Programs”. Click “Citrix”.
  2. When the program opens, choose the “Policies” option, and then click “HDX Plug-n-Play”, then  select “Printing”.
  3. A new box will pop up, and the option “Client Printers” should be in there. Choose the “Auto-creation” function, and then start this up by choosing “Enabled”.
  4. Next, click on “Create dynamic session-private client printers”. Here you will need to click the “HDX Plug-n-Play” option once more, and then click on “Printing”. There will be an option called “Session printers” that you will need to click into, and then choose “Enabled”.
  5. Once you are done, click on the button that reads “Apply” and then click “OK”. This will save all the changes you have made. After you have done all of these steps your printer should successfully be setup with your Citrix system.

While this series of steps might seem a bit complicated, once the printer is set up properly, any Citrix users will be able to use it very easily. You can also repeat these processes if you ever need to add another printer.

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