Printable Christmas Entertainment

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, or entertaining from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to have activities to keep friends and family busy during downtime between meals and other festivities. This blog will help you to provide printable Christmas entertainment for folks of all ages.

Coloring is all the rage. In addition to being relaxing, it’s pretty economical. Now, you could run off to the store to purchase expensive coloring books containing only a handful of pages you’d actually want to color. Or you could save a few dollars by printing out whatever coloring pages fit the needs of the people in your gathering. This site has great great coloring pages for little friends, and this other site is for the more mature crowd. Soon the only thing you will need is a new box of crayons!

Some people will inevitably claim that they are not creative, or can’t do anything artistic. That’s fine, so long as you come prepared with supplies and a bit of encouragement. There are plenty of activities that require nothing more than scissors and a glue stick. You can print out holiday paper dolls, pick up some Christmas stickers and colored paper, or print out a scene like the one below. Click on the photo credit for the link.

Another option is to have some games at the ready. Some families are plenty stocked in this department, while others count themselves lucky to have a full deck of cards. Whatever the case may be, you have an abundance of printable games at your fingertips. This site has a great selection. You’re certain to find something for everyone. Make sure to remind everyone that it’s all about a little friendly competition!

There you have it. Now no one will be able to complain that there’s nothing to do. Tell us, how do you keep your friends and family busy over the holidays?

Robyn Warner
Robyn Warner has been writing since she learned how to hold a pen. She wrote her first book of poems before the age of 10. Though creative writing is her preference, she is enjoying life in the technical blog world. Robyn’s goal in her 30s is to use her writing to inspire fellow cancer survivors and have a job that gives her the flexibility to live anywhere and never wear shoes.

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