Make Mornings Work for You

Does your alarm clock catch you off guard? Do you find yourself running out the door, late yet again? Do you reach your destination, only to discover that you’ve forgotten something important? Then this blog is for you! Read on to learn how to manage your morning, and make the rest of your day more enjoyable because of it.

Start the Night Before

To make the most of the morning, start planning the night before. There are many things you can do before going to bed to make things go smoothly when you get up. For example, you can plan out what you are going to wear. This will help eliminate all those minutes spent in front of the mirror wondering if you look okay. What about that purse or briefcase? Take a few minutes to go through paperwork prior to bedtime, to make sure everything is in order. Here is your new mantra:

Wake Up Right

Do you tend to hit the snooze button multiple times? Figure out why you are doing this, to help make rising and shining easier. If you are simply a little slower in the morning, you may want to set your alarm on the early side, or trick yourself by setting the bedroom clock ten minutes ahead of the actual time. If you hit snooze because you’re exhausted, though, you may need to set the alarm to allow for maximum sleep.

Get Moving and Shaking

Once you’re up and running, try to allow for a few minutes to get the blood flowing. Some people take five minutes to meditate, while others might do a few stretches. Whatever you decide to do, give yourself a few precious minutes to greet the day before the chaos ensues. The order you establish in your morning will become a habit. Once the start of the day becomes a habit, you’ll be much less likely to forget to do something important.

With practice, you’ll start to look forward to mornings. Tell us what helps you to get up and greet the day.

Robyn Warner
Robyn Warner has been writing since she learned how to hold a pen. She wrote her first book of poems before the age of 10. Though creative writing is her preference, she is enjoying life in the technical blog world. Robyn’s goal in her 30s is to use her writing to inspire fellow cancer survivors and have a job that gives her the flexibility to live anywhere and never wear shoes.

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