Make a Real Memory This Holiday!

Ink and paper DIY gift ideasOf the DIY variety, that is. We’re not going to pontificate on commercialism or anything like that, it’s not our style.

But we do want to introduce you to a few ideas we thought were pretty cool for making a new kind of memory this year. It requires a little bit of elbow grease and some thought…but that’s kind of how we think gift giving should be.

Gifts for Relatives: Sharing Love Far and Wide!

Do you have an extended family you’d love to give gifts to without breaking the bank?

Show how much you care by whipping up a batch of print-at-home Christmas calendars!

Gifts for Her: Show Her Your Thoughtful Side.

You might hear women say, “I don’t care how much he spends, I just want him to put some thought into what he gets for

This might be true for the woman you’re wooing this holiday season, but she certainly won’t appreciate how long you spent wracking your brain for gift ideas if
the end result is a gas station gift card.

Gifts for Kids: Get Crafty with the Meaning of Christmas.

You might be hard pressed to find children willing to forego the whiz and bang of traditional electronic presents and brandname toys in favor of something simpler
and more meaningful. However, if you do manage to get your brood on-board, the positive effects of handmade gifts will be powerful and long-lasting.

Take a look for more DIY gift ideas for Him, for the Folks and for people you only sorta know, but like anyway!

The iPod, Kindle Fire or other “insert whatever is insanely popular at the moment here” thing you get for yours this year is cool, we’re not debating that.

But we can say with some certainty that taking a minute or two to create something, with your own hands from your own thoughts for someone you love, is infinitely better.

Eventually they’ll wind up disposing of the new 7″ tablet. Your handmade gift will be on the family table for generations to come.

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