It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Recycle ink cartridgesBut it ain’t all that hard either:

The push for greener initiatives in the workplace has certainly gained steam through the years.  Companies like Starbucks began offering two slots (one for compost and another for recycling) for customers to dispose of their latte and baguette wrapper.  Then there’s tennis shoe companies like Brooks unveiling fully biodegradable shoes (the BioMoGo), that once placed in a properly encapsulated landfill, will naturally degrade in 20 years, as opposed to the 1,000 years it takes for a traditional shoe.

Other major industries such as Dell have significantly reduced their carbon footprint with their products, by crafting laptops and desktops that use 25 percent less energy.  Truth is, whether it’s offering more eco-friendly products or charting a course for patrons and employees to recycle, the green awareness is there.

Greener Ideal joins the rising chorus of online voices producing a mountain of digital literature intended to help businesses of all sizes green their operations. Take a minute to read the whole post, but of course we’re particularly concerned with one of their “little things” suggestions:

Buy up remanufactured ink and toner cartridges and have a separate box or bin to store used cartridges in the copy room.

This is a really, really simple way to green your office and your company. Seriously. Get a bin, (preferably of recycled material itself), and put it in the copy room. Or get a bunch of little bins and put them under the desk. When your ink or toner cartridges are spent, throw ’em in the bins! When you’ve got more than 8, fill out this form and we’ll send a label to your office and recycle them for free.

Kermit may have had a fleeting problem with being green. But the rest of us have no excuse.


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BONUS! For the truly committed, check out and recreate this recycled ink cartridge chandelier! Via

Recycled printer ink cartridge chandelier

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