Is There Anything 3D Printing Can’t Do?

We’re actually beginning to realize that the answer to that question might be a resounding “No!”

Take the three minutes to watch this video from Climate Desk, which envisions 3D Printing alleviating any ill effects from climate change, rapidly deploying technology and supplies to soldiers on a battlefield and keeping supply chains up and running in the wake of natural disasters:

We bumped into this story after reading Kristin’s tweet:


We can’t go so far as to call 3D Printing “creepy”, but we can certainly understand how she and others might feel that way. “Hmm…I need a new (insert whatever), I’ll just go fire up the printer!” That’s a crazy thought, but it’s happening right before our eyes.

We’ll ask it again; Is there anything 3D Printing can’t do? Anything? We looked around our desk here and literally everything on it either can be printed now or has been at least rumored to be possible soon: the phone, office supplies like paper clips and staple removers, pens and pencils, a bottle of Boylan’s Creme Soda, our car keys…there’s nothing on our desk at the moment that couldn’t be replicable with a 3D printer.

Exit Question: Are we headed toward a world where everyone is their own mini-manufacturing plant?

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