Installing Lexmark P915 Software

Lexmark P915The Lexmark P915 is a very popular inkjet printer, and it offers high-quality photo printing at an affordable price. As with many budget models, it features a fairly basic control panel, and relies heavily on the included software package for many of its features and options.

An installation CD is included with the P915, but if you have owned the printer for a while, the software has likely been updated since then, meaning the drivers and software on the disc are now outdated. It is a better idea to download the latest software directly from the Lexmark website.

Before you start, you will need to know what operating system you are running. For Windows, visit the Microsoft page, “Which Windows operating system am I running?“. If you are using a Mac, follow these instructions from the Apple website.

Download buttonNow, visit the Lexmark P915 support page on the Lexmark website. Click the dropdown menu to select your operating system, then click the next dropdown menu to select the operating system version, as determined above. Click the link for the appropriate driver, then click Download to begin downloading the file. Choose to open the file once it’s finished, or save it to a location. Note the download location so you can find the file later.

If the file does not open automatically, navigate to its location and double-click it to begin installing. Follow the onscreen prompts to continue the installation process. While you are on the Lexmark support site, you may also wish to click the Manuals tab to download the Setup Guide or User’s Guide.

Now that the software is installed, you can fully enjoy your Lexmark P915 printer. If you ever need to install the software again in the future, simply refer back to this page. To keep your P915 printer running smoothly, see our instructions for Ensuring Longevity and Quality From Your Printer.


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