Ink Drops on a 4K Television

If you’re a fan of our Facebook page, you may have seen our weekly “Wednesday Ink in Water” series, highlighting spectacular artistic photographs of, well, ink in water.

Prepare to be completely blown away: published this video uploaded to Youtube by Jacob and Katie Schwarz and it is just stunning. And while we’re certainly amongst the 99.9% of the population that does not have a 4K TV at the moment, we’re not sure we can even imagine this being any more awesome than it already is.

Before being ushered into the consumer market, 4K (“Ultra HD”) displays have been used primarily for commercial purposes, whether it’s digital in-store displays or eye-catching advertisements at arenas or trade shows. Now that the CEA has set specific standards and specifications, though, expect the ushering in of Ultra HD content to begin in earnest.

Start saving now. A quick search for 4K TV’s reveals that the most inexpensive model checks in at a whopping $14,999.00. So the question becomes, acknowledging the fact that watching this video on a 4K TV would be mind-blowing: Is it worth as much as an economical car?

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Robyn Warner
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