IBM MFP Upgrades

IBM Infoprint 1332

An IBM Infoprint 1332 laser printer with no MFP attachment.

There are a few IBM laser printers that can be upgraded into multi-purpose machines by purchasing an attachment device.  This is ideal for office-use, as sometimes the needs start out as simple print jobs but become more versatile as the company grows.  If that sounds like something that would be beneficial to your office, start by investing in an IBM Infoprint 1332, 1352 or 1372.

Three attachment options are available: the IBM M22, M26 and M30, each one offering more features than the last.  The standard functions that all of the attachments can perform are scanning, copying and faxing, at a maximum resolution of 600×600 dpi, which will be good enough for a professional setting.

Here are a few other features that the M22, M26 and M30 offer:

  • Monochrome and color scanning
  • Scan-to-email
  • 33.6 Kbps fax speed at 400×400 dpi
  • One year warranty
  • Automatic document feeder

The M22 is considered the base model attachment.  It is the most affordable and has basic features.  The M26 is not too much different from the M22, but it does offer a higher production rate and a few extra features like duplexing.  The M30 is the most expensive and the most loaded option.

Here is a short list of the differences between the three attachments:

IBM M22 IBM M26 IBM M30 
Speed 25   pages per minute 50   pages per minute 50   pages per minute
Display LCD LCD Touchscreen
Input Simplex Duplex Duplex
Size 19.6×14.4×10.8   inches 22.4×16.9×7.5   inches 33×21.5×12    inches
Weight 11.8   lbs 15.4   lbs 25   lbs



An IBM Infoprint 1332 with one of the MFP attachments on it.


These attachment devices serve as upgrades to the IBM Infoprint 1332, 1352 and 1372.  By adding an M22, M26 or M30 to one of these laser printers, it will be able to handle the versatile needs of a growing office.  This is an excellent investment for offices, as needs expand in volume and versatility.  Instead of buying a brand new machine, IBM offers a way to simply transform your current machine for a much lower cost.


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