HP Supply Error Code 10.32

Error code 10.32 is a warning designed by HP to alert users that the part they have installed was not manufactured by HP directly. Many users misinterpret this warning to mean that the part is incompatible with their printer, but this is not the case.  It just means it is a compatible version of an HP component, rather than one manufactured by HP directly.

Genuine HP Part

Error Code 10.32 will protect you from counterfeit HP parts.

HP designed the warning to guard against companies that might label a part as genuine OEM, such as an HP CM2320 toner cartridge, when in fact it was manufactured by a third-party supplier. This, however, does not mean that the part will not be compatible with the printer or work just as well as the OEM version. The error is merely a measure designed to protect you against fraud by companies labeling off-brand parts as genuine HP parts.

The error message will likely appear after a compatible part has been installed and the printer is attempting to do the calibration process. Again, the printer is not rejecting the part or implying the part is faulty or incompatible, merely that it was not manufactured by HP directly. By pressing the bypass button on the control panel, you accept this warning and the printer will function as normal.

HP ink and toner cartridges from reputable third-party vendors are manufactured to be 100% compatible with your printer.  In no way is Error code 10.32 an indication of the quality of the non-brand name part, however, if you get this error after installing an OEM product, it could be counterfeit or defective.  You should contact HP to replace the OEM part and report the problem.

If the 10.32 message continues to be displayed once you have attempted to bypass it, contact HP Technical Support for help. It could be that the part is defective.

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