HP LaserJet P2010 Lights

HP P2010 Status Lights

The status lights on the HP LaserJet P2010 control panel.

The models in the HP LaserJet P2010 series are fast and reliable devices, but diagnosing problems can be a bit tricky, owing to the use of multiple status lights on the control panel. There are six status lights and each one stands for something different. Each light can also be combined with other lights to relay even more information. To better understand, consider these six lights as lights 1-6, from top to bottom. Here are some of the most common light codes and their meanings.

Individual Lights:

Light 1 is flashing: The paper is jammed. Clear the paper jam.

Light 2 is solid: The toner is low. Order a new replacement, or you can try removing the cartridge and shaking it to redistribute the toner.

Light 2 is flashing: The toner cartridge is missing or not installed properly. Remove and reinstall the printer cartridge, making sure it is seated properly.

Light 3 is flashing: You are out of paper and need to restock.

Light 4 is flashing: The door to the cartridges is open. Open and close the door, making sure it is completely closed.

Light 5

When light 5 is solid, the printer is ready.

Light 5 is solid: The printer is ready for operation, but there is no activity in progress.

Light 5 is flashing: The printer is processing the data or printing. If you need to cancel the print job, hit the “Cancel” button.


Light 4 is flashing and light 6 is solid: There may be a manual feed error. To clear this, press the “Go” button on your machine. You also may have a general continual error or memory configuration error. Press the “Go” button to attempt to continue, and if the problem persists, power down the machine and restart it.

Lights 4 through 6 are solid: The printer is experiencing a fatal error. Turn the printer off for at least 10 seconds before turning the printer back on. If that doesn’t work, contact technical support.

Light 3 is flashing and light 6 is solid: The loaded media isn’t supported by your printer. Remove it and replace it with supported media. If you feel the media should be supported, remove it, restart the printer, then reload the paper, making sure it is aligned properly.


Most of these errors are simple to fix, involving something as simple as a paper jam or low toner. If you have tried the resolutions above and the light codes continue, there could be a more serious problem with your printer, and you should contact HP technical support.

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