HP + HTC = In Home VR

The world of gaming is about to be forever changed. This isn’t because of a new invention per se. It’s about accessibility. Thanks to a collaboration between Hewlett Packard and HTC, the world of virtual reality (VR) is practically at your fingertips.

HP and HTC recently announced that they will deliver a certified VR-ready desktop PC created specifically for gamers. The HP ENVY Phoenix will provide the most immersive room-scale VR solution available, utilizing room-scale tracking that works with photosensors on both headsets and controllers. It’s able to track the user’s movement within a 15×15-foot 3D space.

The HP ENVY Phoenix lives up to its motto: “Do more than play your games. Be part of them.” What exactly is VR? Experts indicate that VR has the ability to track a user’s motions and to adjust life-sized three-dimensional images that reflect the changing perspective that occurs because of these motions.

In a VR world, the user experiences immersion within the gaming environment, and can interact with this environment in meaningful ways. An effective VR experience enables you to forget the real world as you become involved in the virtual one. This article explains how VR works in even greater depth.

There might not really be any limits to what users can experience.

The gaming world involves fantasy lands, models of actual cities, and post-apocalyptic landscapes. There are monsters, animals, and characters that have so many powers they can hardly be classified as human. Immersion in such a world could be magical—perhaps, at times, frighteningly so. What game would you personally like to experience with VR?

Greg Gladman
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