How To Print Multiple Gmail Emails Easily

Printing Gmail Emails


Gmail is a full-featured email client, and its system of archiving emails means you will almost never lose an important message. While Gmail is accessible from almost any web device, it is not quite as tailored to printing, and you may find that a task as simple as printing multiple emails becomes laborious and cumbersome.

There is a quick and easy print button at the top of every email thread in Gmail, and even on individual messages, but what happens when you want to print every email about a certain subject, or every email from a specific contact, for example? This would normally require hundreds of clicks, opening each email and pressing the print button, but there is a faster way.

The easiest method is to download a Chrome extension called Gmail Print All. If you don’t have the Chrome browser installed, you can download it here, even if you never plan to use it after this process. Once the extension is installed, you will need to authorize access to your Gmail account, and you are ready to begin.

Adding Labels

Adding labels in Gmail.

Organize Your Emails

Before you are ready to print, you will need to organize all of the emails by adding the same label. Go into the Gmail client and click the checkbox next to the individual threads, or do a search for specific terms, then check them all. See Google’s page on Advanced Search for ways to narrow down your search.

Once your messages are selected, click the Label button above your messages and either choose an existing label or type a new one into the box and hit enter.

Prepare for Printing

  1. Selecting the label

    Selecting the label for printing.

    Open a new tab in Chrome by clicking File and then New Tab. You will see a button for Gmail Print All for Chrome. Click it to start the script.

  2. Choose the label you wish to print in the dropdown box, and click the Print to Drive button. The extension will create a document in your Google Drive with the emails inline.
  3. Click the Open Doc for Printing button to view the newly created document.
  4. With the document open in Google Drive, you can edit the document before you print, or simply click the Print button. At this point, you will see the normal print dialog for your computer. If you are printing a large number of pages, you may want to consider using the Draft or Economy setting to conserve your inkjet cartridges.


While this extension isn’t the only way to print multiple emails from Gmail, it is one of the easiest, and it is free to use. Users who prefer a software solution can try the Gmail Print Multiple Emails software from Sobolsoft, for example, which also offers a free trial. The main advantage of the method above is that most Gmail users have their messages organized with labels already, which makes it very easy to print only the messages they want in a few clicks.

Now that you have a fast way to print your Gmail messages, see our article on How to Save Ink and Toner When Printing Web Pages for even more great tips.

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