How to Install Solid Ink

solid ink installationInstalling Xerox solid ink is a simple, straight-forward process that Xerox has made virtually error-proof.  You would have to try hard to install solid ink sticks incorrectly, as it would often involve forcing them into place.

First, a quick synopsis of solid ink:  Unlike with inkjet and laser printers, there are no cartridges involved in the printing process using solid ink.  Rather, the ink is hardened and sculpted into a very specific shape during manufacturing.  When printing, these ink sticks are melted into a liquid and applied to the paper, where they dry with true color and smooth texture.  When the block of ink  is completely consumed, there is no cartridge or other waste left behind.

So, how do you install solid ink?

Upon opening the flap on the top panel, you will notice four slots.  Each slot has a slightly different shape that matches only the color intended for it.   Additionally, each slot is color coded with a small image and a number that should match the number on the ink stick packaging.

To insert the ink stick, match the color and number with the appropriate slot.  Align the notches of the stick with the corresponding notches of the slot.  The ink sticks should drop right in.  If the notches do not align or there is any resistance, you may be trying to insert the wrong color or the ink sticks may be intended for a different Xerox model.

This is short video from Xerox showing how to install solid ink sticks:

What many people do not realize about installing ink sticks is that the compartments are often designed to hold up to 4 ink sticks at a time.  Some users prefer to install multiple sticks at once and print until the color has run out, while others opt to continuously top off the compartment so the “low ink” message is never displayed.

The convenience and simplicity of the solid ink printer is appealing to a number of offices, but it is the environmental benefit of using ink sticks that is truly enticing.  Xerox estimates that those who switch from an inkjet or laser printer to a solid ink printer can reduce print-related waste by nearly 90%.

One of the major benefits of using solid ink is that it tends to be easier to install than inkjet or toner cartridges.  Combined with the excellent print quality and reduced waste, it is surprising that more users have not made the switch.

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